Complete Review: Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge

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Complete Review: Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge

Nowadays, Callaway golf company is well know for all people all over the world, which is one of the most visible names in golf with a product line that encompasses the full spectrum of equipment and accessories including drivers, irons, wedges, putters and balls. Callaway golf also owns Top-Flite Golf Company, Odyssey Putters, Ben Hogan and Strata Brands.On the January 14th, thy release the new Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge with great design.

Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge 80% of the total performance score is calculated based on where each shot fell in proximity to the hole.<span>  Closer is obviously better.Featuring the Condition of Competition grooves that meet rules instituted by the USGA and R&A effective January 1, 2010, the X-Series Jaws CC wedges have a proprietary groove pattern that produces incredible spin, resulting in complete control on approach shots. Its C-Grind sole and a classic head design provide optimal short game versatlity, as well as superior feel due to its soft forged 1020 carbon steel construction.

That design of the back isn’t for cosmetic purposes, however.<span>  As Roger Cleveland explained via email, “it [the back design] was not for decorative purposes to depict an X, but to move weight higher up the back to raise the CG as much a possible given the loft, TaylorMade R11S Driver which promotes added spin”.<span>  Most importantly for this scoring category, Callaway was able to move this weight without creating any visual distractions at address.

When you’re dealing with wedges from only 100 yards out, dispersion patterns tend to be a bit tighter (although you still see the occasional wild miss).<span>  Still, when 4 of our testers post an average miss of TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Driver somewhere inside the 36 foot range, we think we’re probably looking at a solid wedge.<span>  One tester, Nick, posted an average miss of under 24 feet (94.87 score).<span>  What’s more impressive is that a nearly 1/2 of Nick’s shots came to rest inside of 20 feet.<span>  While that’s not PGA level dart throwing, the average golfer would likely be more than pleased with the results.

Features Of X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge:

• Forged 1020 carbon steel features a Slate finish and provides superior feel and feedback around the greens
<span> • The Triple Net Forging process produces incredible construction consistency
• Tighter heel-toe radius and proper bounce improves turf interaction and enables golfers to lay the face open while keeping the leading edge down
• C-Grind relieves the heel, toe and trailing edge, resulting in a 'C' shape on the sole
• Tour CC Grooves meet the new rules required for play on professional tours
• Jaws CC Wedges have 21 tightly spaced grooves with sharper edges due to the superior Triple Net Forging process
• Grooves have the maximum conforming area capacity to ensure grass is swept away on shots out of the rough

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