Darren Fletcher get well soon

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Darren Fletcher get well soon
As a big Scotland and football fan I was pretty shocked to hear about the condition Darren Fletcher has been battling and has now forced him into a break from football. In an era where players have massive egos, stupid twitter accounts and often less work ethic than a tesco trolley boy, it was always nice to see someone down to earth, hardworking and who always did their job to the best of their ability. Many complained he didn't do enough for Scotland,but those were mainly narrow minded people who thought because he played for Man U he should score every game. The fact is he always gave his all, commanded the midfield and often stopped the opposition overrunning us whilst still pushing us forward. The fact he even travelled to Cyprus in his last game during his illness to play in a friendly sums up the man. Get well soon Fletch.

Just heard this on the radio.  Hope that he regains his health and is able to resume his career.

Yep...playing careers are short and he is one of the good guys. 

Just heard about it hope everything is ok

CosaNostra wrote (see)

One of the few football players I have any time for - what is up with him?

He's suffering from something called ulcerative colitis, some sort of bowel condition. Apparently it can't be cured medically, only treated, though you can recover from it. Some people who suffer from it have posted details on other forums and it sounds horrendous.  

its a very debillitating disease ,i have a friend who suffers this and if it wasnt for the fact that he was a fit healthy 19 yr old he could easily have died , he lost around three stone and looked as gaunt as  could be. regimented diet and treatment whilst in hospital got him back into some sort of shape but he still has relapses and now they know how to treat him he manages to stay hospital free.  my symathy to Darren as he is a 100% grafter ,im sure he will pull through ,.....but play again .who knows . good luck Darren.

Just shows you can't take anything for granted even when you're successful, hope he recovers quickly.

This condition is particularly nasty - my best mate's brother has suffered from it since he was ten, now mid twenties and has has countless operations over the past few months with little success in helping him. My father suffers from Crohns, which is a similar bowel condition - both are uncurable. Last month, my mate decided to raise money for NACC, the National Association for Crohns and Colitis, by living off bread and water for a week. A couple of my other friends supported him in this, by doing their own challenges - one guy wore all his clothes back to front all week, another constantly wore and eye patch, another guy wore pink fluffy rabbit mittens for a week including in the shower and together raised over £2,000 for the charity. I'm not sure if it's allowed, but if any of you would like to donate a few pence, his just giving page is below - the money goes direct to the charity and will help people such as Darren. http://www.justgiving.com/thomasthorpe/eurl.axd/79cd26bf911d484e80f4d105dacfbcd0 Thanks guys, Oli

As in to post the link up, not donate!