David Haye Vs. Mark De Mori

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David Haye Vs. Mark De Mori
Doubt if anyone will see this thread but David Haye takes on Mark De Mori at the O2 Area tonight. The fight is (remarkably) being covered by Dave on FreeView. Worth a watch if you're a boxing fan.

Well that didn't last long 

Still worth a watch for nowt. Haye reckons Fury, Joshua or Wilder next.

I don't think so. I reckon he'll square up to Dillian Whyte first (a decent domestic encounter that would no doubt fill a 15-25,000 arena) and then after that Joshua will have had his next fight and Fury his rematch with Klitschko.

If Fury wins again (especially after his antics in the ring after Wilder won last night) then the unification bout is destined to happen.

If Fury loses then - irrespective of what he said to the press - Haye V Fury is likely to happen.

I think Joshua would be more keen on a Fury fight than a Haye fight (as it stands now) and so, in the natural progression of things, Joshua could fight Chisora (there'd be some domestic interest in that as part of title fight undercard), or, from a title progression perspective, take on Robert Helenius for the European title.

Certainly an interesting time in the British Heavyweight scene.

Fury the Irish nutter beats an ageing legend, Haye makes a return (on Dave of all places) and the boxing world is turned on its head!

Joshua is most certainly interesting for sure though.

Hay v My Mum

Next fight. You heard it here first

Stimulating British scene for sure. I can't wait for a proper fight.....get on with it guys and stop avoiding each other and in the mean time fighting people I could beat in a dark alley  

Still the purest sport, just your will, skill, heart and determination against the other guy's.

Anyone who takes those three lonely steps into a boxing ring (which you do alone) deserves - at the very least - a modicum of respect, whether they're called "Glass Joe" or Lennox Lewis!

I've seen Haye and Joshua both fight live and up close. At this point in time Haye would be a bad pick for Joshua. I think Joshua is the real deal but he's still learning his trade and so a Haye bout makes no sense currently (for the Joshua camp).

Also, pound for pound, David Haye has been one of our best fighters in recent times and when on form is a joy to watch.

Tyson Fury was always on a road to nowhere with Klitschko, he loses: "Yeah we expected that!" He wins: "Kiltschko is an old has been!" - f**k off, Dr. Steelhammer was in the form of his life going into that fight. It was Fury's "spoiler" tactics which won the night, funnily enough the same tac Klitschko used when fighting David Haye 5 1/2 years ago.

Fury is likely to be the underdog again going into the rematch as well, even so, it didn't stop Ring Magazine voting Fury as "Fighter of the Year" for 2015.

The only other British fighter to win that honour was Ricky Hatton in 2005.

So yeah, Irish nutter, but he's the one holding the belts!

I went to watch the fight at the O2. Obviously disappointed to only see two minutes but happy that Haye picked up the win. That right hand to De Mori was colossal! Haye a good fighter with a big punch but I don't particularly like the way he goes about promoting himself. Fury is a clown but he did get into the mind of Klitchko. What he did in the ring after the Wilder fight was woeful and made him look even more stupid but then again that's what sells fights.

Chris Curry wrote (see)

 So yeah, Irish nutter, but he's the one holding the belts!

Didn't he get stripped of one of them a couple of days after the Klitchko fight?

Yea the IBF because he wouldn't face their mandatory (despite the fact that there was a rematch clause with Klitschko).