David Haye

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David Haye
Does anyone else agree with me that this fight will be totally one sided and that haye will have to step up to the ockey and fight one or both klicth bros if he wants to be thought of a great fighter otherwise he will be thought of just like that lump of lard his fighting in a couple of weeks

It would be funny if he landed on his arse though...

Theres no way im doing ppv for this one,  V Suprised Haye took this fight, if he wins he beat a nobody, if he loses he becomes a nobody :/Surely the promoters could of found a more credible fighter, maybe hes just trying to rack up some easy defences before taking one of the Brothers

Agreed Fos, no credibility in this fight, just a couple of quid in his bin...

money talks its what makes the world go round or at least Haye and Rooneys anyway

My wife would give Haye a better fight than A-Farce.

It will be a Haye walkover imo. But I don't blame him for taking the easy fight for the money. If he took on the Klitschos and lost all the money is gone so common sense says get some cash in the bank before chasing the bigboys.

you dont get any bigger than that troll he beat for the title  lol

That "Troll" could of been sparked out by Haye. I like the way he stuck to his well prepared game plan, a tad boring but a win.As for the brothers, I believe has the ability to beat the pair of them...