Davis Cup

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Davis Cup
Thoroughly enjoyed this weekend's Davis Cup final! Well done to Scotland for winning it!

LOL. I really enjoyed it to. Sadly watched every game. It's a pity, bar the odd performance it's a one man team. Perhaps you could argue that about many team performances.  You really have to admire his stamina above all. 3 matches in 3 days. I doubt few of us could understand how hard that must be 

Disagree, James: the format means that it is possible for the smaller nations to have a chance.

The key match (for me) this year was James Wards' singles victory over John Isner in the USA.

It was unlikely that we would beat the Bryan brothers in the doubles, so even Andy Murray's win over Donald Young still would have meant a toss up between Young and Ward in the final rubber.

However because Ward won his match against Isner we didn't need the 5th match to beat the yanks.

Team GB beat the USA, Australia and an extremely strong French team to get to the final.

In contrast the toughest draw Belgium faced was Switzerland....which did not feature Roger Federer or Stan Wawrinka (so basically a couple of Swiss lads from the local park)!

We beat the best en-route to the final. Thoroughly deserved!

It's certainly a golden era for Scottish tennis, not sure I'll see again in my lifetime. In fairness, though, good effort from the token englishman to take Goffin to 5 sets on Friday, that would have made a difference today. 

Never bothered about tennis myself, although my sister was a county player.

Great that GB won something.

Oustanding performance - proud to be British 


Not so much "wrong" as an additional element....

I suspect a lot of the wins in the past have been heavily influenced by one star 

Maradona won the '86 World Cup on his own.....

Yeah, cheating c....

Still, 2nd goal was mint mind wasn't it!