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Deadline Window Frame

Is it me or has football gone stark, raving mad & taken sport with it? We have entire Sports Networks given over to a Transfer Window where a couple of clubs financed by Oil Billionaires, Middle East Royal Families & ultimately Sky's own money (along with BT now) spend more in a week's trading than it cost to build Wembley & St. Georges Park. How many of these were English? Answer under 10 %.


What hoe the English team in 5, 10 15 years?

Ah, this old chestnut. Since England first entered the World Cup in 1950 their best two finishes are 1st and 4th, they've failed to qualify three times and no-one was blaming the foreign influx of players in 1974, 78 and 94. England's average position is something between 8th to 12th. Hardly world beaters aside from 1966. Whilst I agree with you that players wages and transfer fees are ridiculous and obscene blaming foreign owners and players for the "demise" of the England national team is just plain wrong. England have never really been that good.

I've never thought of that.  They really have been s h one t haven't they?