Euro 2016

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Euro 2016

Looking forward to a bit of footy over the next few weeks.

Have you Scottish lads got a good book to see you through?

I'm in Budapest for England v

I'm in Budapest for England v Wales and also one of Hungary's games, should be a fun night :)

Yes, Harry....

Got a book lined up- The Yorkshire Book of Wit and Repartee. 

Going to start reading it now


Finished it already.

It was a somewhat slender tome


I've got a balanced view. Yorkshiremen are the same as the Scots, except with longer pockets.

If Rooney is kept on the

If Rooney is kept on the bench we've got a chance. 

There are far to many teams

There are far to many teams there. The Scots lads, and Holland for that matter, must be VERY embarassed about not being there. 

I'm off to our site in the

I'm off to our site in the Netherlands next Monday, I can feel a bit of piss taking coming on.

You always half expect the Jocks not to qualify.

Only half expect?

Up here we fully expect never to qualify

Euro 2016

So... Scotland got their independence after all ;) 

The last great. ..

... Scottish footballer was Sandy Lyle

Did Sandy give up in 85 and 88?

No, he didn't. Legend.

I was trying

To get behind my country but couldn't see any muslims on the pitch.

Golf shouldn't be difficult but for some reason it is.

Company Sweep

The bi-annual work sweep was done again. £2 quid in per team winner takes all. I put a proviso on that if I got England that I would be elligible for a redraw!

I loathe my national "team" because they haven't actually played like a "team" since 1990 (maybe 1996 when we hosted the Euro).

For 20yrs have had a squad of 11 individuals who don't give a flying "friar tuck" if we win or lose so long as they themselves look good losing to add a few extra ££££'s to their next contract. The Portuguese folk think exactly the same of their national "team" as well (looks good on paper but is sh!te on grass)!

I was over the moon that Wales won and overjoyed that England could only muster a goalless draw! Hah!

As it turns out I drew No'rn-eye-land. Happy with that, a team I can genuinely support.

Enjoy the long summer holiday England players! wink

Just goes to show... how much I'm interested in that bunch of over-paid, fally-down, pretty boys.

I must admit I only saw the scoreline at 70mins or so as I was channel flicking hoping to find something worth watching OTHER than England pretending to play football. You know summat like Cash in the Attic or Antiques Road Trip - infinitely better than watching those dullards!

Still at least it wasn't another England defeat clawed from the jaws of victory was it...............useless!

Enjoyed the Wales game mind, watched every minute of that. I'll also happily watch ROI and NI matches. England, I'd rather watch my own sh!t stiffen!

Also, on the subject of nationality.

I actually qualify to be Scottish (based on the grandparent rule) and no football with Scotland is still better than football with England.

I was also born in Stoke and - because I was born in Stoke rather than Newcastle-under-Lyme - I support Port Vale! :-)

Also, on the subject of nationality.

I actually qualify to be Scottish (based on the grandparent rule) and no football with Scotland is still better than football with England.

I was also born in Stoke and - because I was born in Stoke rather than Newcastle-under-Lyme - I support Port Vale! :-)


Sincerely hope that England and Russia get slung out.

CC....I always knew there was

CC....I always knew there was an underlying venom in your posts....a Vale fan eh. Also, England played quite well...for a change. We just need a little tweak in the team....Stirling demoted to tea boy, although he'll look great making it, but spill it just before he hands it over. Vardy or Sturridge on with big nose, and Smalling...well just what would you do with him? Oh and Woy, keep attacking until the end of the game....remember Mexico?

Taz, for once you're wrong.

Taz, for once you're wrong. Yes, it had to happen eventually. You cannot punnish the team for the idiots that turn up to support the team. It is down to the authorities to police the so called fans. Disgusting animals all of them. And we are supposidly a united europe. Each country hates each other more than ever.  

Apparently, there were about

Apparently, there were about ten Wales and Eire supporters taken to hospital......with suspected alcohol poisening.

Damn no edit button

Damn no edit button




I think you'll find it's the "red and white" mob in Stoke who had the nasty reputation. When I went to the Vale I was with two mates (left and right) ahead of us was a couple of old boys and behind us two families with kids.

The only time there was any meither there was when Stoke played there. Basically if Stoke won Burslem got trashed and if Port Vale won, Burslem got trashed (by Stoke Sh!tty numpties).

Anyway Vale Park is an all-seater stadium now, they've just had a settee put in...

So basically...'re saying I'm not posh MTP! I was dragged up proper me like!

Anyway the gaff I'm working at is putting the England V Wales match on in the big meeting room on one of the big demo tellies.

Excellent! Dewch ymlaen Cymru!

You've got to feel sorry for

You've got to feel sorry for the sporty kids, and those who work afternoons. So glad it's raining at the moment. I had a great afternoon of footie watching, and hopefully will on Thursday. If England can't beat Wales, then there is no hope for them.

Even Holland managed this, at

Even Holland managed this, at a canter.

Vale fans are a pest too CC.

Vale fans are a pest too CC. They've caused no end of trouble in Macc. 


.... give me a shout if you want any book recommendations

(No subject)



...come on the Mac Lads "Sweaty Betty" an all time classic!

Wonderful win by Iceland there. What's their population again, 200,000?

Like I say, the England "Squad" (they're not a team), bunch of overpaid, pretty boy, fally-down merchants!

They ought to go and watch the women's team play and take a few leaves out of their book! :-D

As my wife just said.....

.... she starts each tournament wishing England well and is then ground down by the partisan commentary. 

Given the way Iceland have handled other teams it's not really a shock result. 

Don't know how England fans saw it, but I saw them heading for a fall as soon as the TV pundits were celebrating a late goal a few days ago that meant England would face minnows Iceland instead of Ronaldo and Portugal. 

Hang on...

.... just saw Paul Merson on a Sky Bet ad. Wouldn't that be akin to having George Best on a lager ad?

It is like watching...

...that documentary "Mike Bassett, England Manager" every 2yrs isn't it except without the progression beyond the table/1st round stages.

Still, always good for a laugh! Bloody clowns!

I think we should look outside of the UK for our next manager, I've heard the Iceland manager is mustard! :-D

Oh and is this the first time... England squad would be praying for a penalty shootout?

Har har har....

National sport?

Don' make me larf.

Time to bin soccer - we're crap at it anyway - and give support to the stuff we are still pretty good at, like rugby and cricket.

Decent, honest 'grammar school'  sports. Only oiks played footy.


Where the F?

. . . are the smileys?



Yeah it lets... put them in the editor but then doesn't display them, hence Harry's empty post above.

Another great feature of the new site!

After the exclamation mark there is a winky. Let's see if it's displayed when I click save...

I've contacted the FA and put

I've contacted the FA and put my name forward, well I've got a Level 1 FA coaching certificate, which is more than Woy must have after seeing his team selections and tactical substitutions. I'll need some help though. Anyone who thinks Hart, Stirling or Sturridge should play again need not apply.

Well....yesterday afternoon

Well....yesterday afternoon an image of Portugal winning the thing started to form in my head., with Ronaldo scoring the winner. The're in the semis now, and have unleashed a wonder (18 yo) kid. Now teams have got two players to watch.

I love Ronaldo and Portugal.

I'm going to offer up a name

I'm going to offer up a name for the next England manager, assuming the FA don't take Cf up on his application, - Chris Coleman.


What a result,
Having lived there, married one and sired a couple more, have always felt a bit connected to The Principality.

Still grinning

Just goes to show... how a team can beat a squad of individuals.

Belgium on paper have a great "squad" but like England and Portugal don't play as a team, just a bunch of overpaid pretty boys who don't care if they win or lose - just so long as *they* look good while they're losing.

Chris Coleman's tactics and in-play team changes have been perfect. I wouldn't be surprised if this "team" also beats the "squad" of Portuguese individuals.

Wales-Belgium was the match

Wales-Belgium was the match of the tournament so far, congratulations to Wales on a deserved victory

Belgium looked totally

Belgium looked totally clueless.

I'm going for Portugal to win it. Having reached the semi-final without winning a game in 90 minutes makes the game a laughing stock. This must be addressed the UEFA. Oh and they can have another think about the offside laws. Utter bollocks. How can you be offside when attacking the penalty area?


I will excercise my honorary Welshman status.

This has been gained by marrying one of them, living there for 17 years and having both our children born there.

Still proud to be English - just not when it comes to footy.

C'mon WALES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 draws and now winners!

Absolute sh!te system. I hope this is the first and LAST time it's used. England deserved to do f**k all but so did Portugal.


Forca Portugal !!!!!!!

Forca Portugal !!!!!!!

Told ya told ya told ya !!!!!!!!!!!

France attempt to beat them by whacking Ronaldo did not work.

Portugal are now Kings Of Europe and no one can take that away from them.
Ronaldo can retire with the knowledge he's won everything that he realistically could.

They were sh!te...

...and jammy!

I said after the group games

I said after the group games that it was written for Portugal to win. I also predicted a late one goal winner for them in the final. Admittedly in 90 minutes, but obviously Portugal were sticking to their own script., and making a mockery of football in general.

PS Pogba worth £100M, LMFAO !!!!! and Greishman a star, again LMFAO!!! Pogba looks like Carlton Palmer England had a few years ago and all Greishmans goals came from when he had been left unmarked right in front of goal and couldn't miss or a penalty. Check out his misses in the final!!! The great players score them.