Federer v Nadal Final

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Federer v Nadal Final

My beloved Roger is playing in a Grand Slam final once again!

He and Nadal are on great form winning their semi finals against pretty formidable opponents.

The reason I like Federer so much is that he's one of the few single backhanded players left in top flight tennis and he doesn't make much noise. He's a silent warrior with the odd grunt escaping whereas most players now have to make as much noise as possible (I think the sports pshychologists get to them very early these days with the old 'anger/shout/strength, intimidate, etc. bullcrap). The face, noise and angry attitude of Sharapova is disgusting. I'm so glad she lost to the little Chinese lady in the semi final. I don't watch much of women's tennis but I've seen enough to know I don't like Sharapova or any of the other screechers in the women's or men's games. As far as I can remember the over the top screaming started with Monica Seles. I've just read another thread on this site from last year about the shouting and totally agree it should be stopped.

Great player that Nadal is I've heard him delay his shouts when he thinks one of his more desperate shots is about to be picked off, to try and upset his opponents timing.

Anyway, Sundays game should be a scorcher.

Come on Roger!!!