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Harry Redknapp

will this tax evasion by harry put him behind bars ?

 or at the very least rob him of the england job.?

If found guilty a custodial sentence is possible but unlikely if his legal team are any good. The FA would then have the say re the England job. Hard to find any morals in the FA so the job is probably Harry's if he wants it.

Didn't Lester Piggott get a couple of years for the same (but greater scale) offence?  

Lester did time for tax fraud in excess of £3m. Harry's alleged fraud is tiny by comparison.

Tim E wrote (see)

Harry's alleged fraud is tiny by comparison.

Well the amount he's "Alledgedly" been caught for! Sandbanks ain't a cheap place to live! 

It really does depend on the jury and whether they are Spurs fans or not....

I like Harry but he's going to end up looking either devious or stupid. The Revenue only go to court when they know they're going to win. He can expect a big fine or 3 months hard table table tennis at HM's pleasure!

Off-shore account with his dog`s name

Lock him up and throw away the key. No morals, no sense of loyalty, looks a dodgy geezer and on top of all that he a cockeneeeeee.

I thought you just pay what they requested/ plus court costs and that was it... we can't have our jails filled up with this trivia!

Tim E wrote (see)

Harry's alleged fraud is tiny by comparison.

It's still fraud though and if the details are the same I don't see why he couldn't get the same punishment. Think he will just get a big fine which no doubt he can pay with his hamster's offshore account. As for the England job, if they're happy to stick by Terry as captain I see no reason why he can't be manager.

He (prosecutor) asked if there was any credibility in Mr Mandaric's claim to police that the money paid to Mr Redknapp had been a loan when Mr Redknapp had been under the impression that it was a bonus. ffs. If we were given £189k I think we'd be interested enough to know the reason.

how long will this case last?

Chris Tandy wrote (see)

how long will this case last?

As long as it takes for Harry's brief to slip a chunky brown envelope to the judge...

Is it just me or does it seem like they've been after him for years? If that's the case, they've either dropped a royal b.....k, or he's dodgy as they come, and they've just got to prove it

Rumours about Harry have been around for years, I guess it's taken this long for him to slip up.......allegedly (best chuck that in just in case).

All very odd. Why try to defraud the tax man of 30k when he just got £1mil for the promotion? Unless there is more elsewhere?

Old habits die hard.........

There probably is but they cannot get to it ...

Shame he missed out on the recent bung-tastic transfer window though, isn't it? His problem now is whether to take the England job, and no more transfers to be 'eased', or stay with Spurs for another year and another two transfer windows. 

5 years of investigations, costing us £8 million - all for nowt.

..No income tax, no VAT, No money back, no guarantee; cushty Rodders

Mary wrote (see)

5 years of investigations, costing us £8 million - all for nowt.

yep that was completely irresponsible ... I will not be contributing to such stupidity!

Whos your manager for next season then Paddy???

If I were a Spurs fan I'd want Daniel Levy to hand Paul Lambert a 15 year contract.

how many managers has spurs had?

Chris Tandy wrote (see)

how many managers has spurs had?

In which period of time? Since the Premiership began OrIn our glorious 128 years in existance?

since the premiership began

If you include caretaker, I count 17. Three of which are David Pleat!

13 actual proper managers and 5 caretaker/managers. David Pleat was never actually installed as proper manager, but he did 3 stints as a caretaker as did Chris Houghton twice.

Jose says hes coming back.  But I think he will want some money to spend, after that not a lot.  

Paddyjk wrote (see)
Tiger Wes (13) wrote (see)

Whos your manager for next season then Paddy???

Good question, Alot depends on where we finish this year I guess. Who's out there?

Claverhouse wrote (see)

If I were a Spurs fan I'd want Daniel Levy to hand Paul Lambert a 15 year contract.

Would harry want to manage England? I seriously would look at it as a poison chalice myself, the team is sh*t the options are sh*t and they don't have the honesty to admit that they don't have the skill level to compete sufficiently on the world stage! I think I universally panned them ... oh well they had better win a major competition and then I will say sorry!

He has a Champions League medal.

Just got this by Text! One of the Jurer's in the Redknapp fraud case was overheard saying "I knew we'd get paid expenses for Jury services, But I wasn't expecting such a large wad of cash tucked in a large brown envelope and directly to our addresses by a big bloke wearing dark glasses an overcoat and driving a Range Rover with blacked out windows!"   "Allegedly" <------- For GM's legal team!

^^^^ Triffic, the boy done good etc etc

I read a book about corruption in football, about a year ago, it was more than happy to name managers, find it all too easy to believe that, redknapp could be the tip of a rather rancid iceberg, hope he takes some with him on his way down.... Allegedly

Its amazing how these celebs seem to always get away with it.  Can you imagine trying to explain an offshore account under your dogs name????? Guilty would be the answer.  But hey ho, atleast it means he can get the England job.

Hey just heard he was cleared......amazed.  But if he's innocent

Cleared means innocent ... say no more they couldn't build a case good enough they lost and blew our money... they should get no pay rises and their pensions should be cut to recoup the cost ... That was controversial

even stevie wonder could SEE he was guilty,ffs opening a bank account in your dogs name .yeh righto harry whatever you say mate. i bet he uses the leather wedge when he plays golf .

Innocent as was proven

all in all a good day for the man.

But I would stay with Spurs.. and enjoy the plaudits and picking a team of players I actually want to manage

But IF he could win something with England, he would become a legend.  Could you turn it down.  If it went tits up he could walk into another prem job.

I hope he stay where he is.

You can't win anything with England .. they are no good where is our super star player our rock in mid field or a defence that is awake for the whole game? ... yeah nowhere