Haye vs Fraudley

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Haye vs Fraudley

I'm working next Saturday and not due to finish until 20.20 - the Sky Box Office coverage starts at 20.00 but I'm not sure if they are showing the undercard etc etc

Any guidance would be useful as I want to invite some mates round to watch the boxing but obviously there's no point if I won't be there !!

i have been told 10:00pm but dont know if its true

You can guarantee the end of the fight will be 5 mins after the start.At least you won't have to stay up till the early hours (American Time) for just 5 mins one way action. I can't believe anybody will actually pay to see this sh!te fight!

I remember when being a championship heavyweight contender was something that came with huge respect.Not any more.

IF coverage starts at 8pm the fight won't be until 10pm at least.As Spartacus says, when it starts, don't leave the room.

Rock on U.F.C.....