Huge feat of indurance

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Huge feat of indurance

The following is a website for a good mate of mine from Uni who is attempting a huge feat of indurance starting this saturday morning.

He is attempting the world record for riding from Lands End to John O'Groats AND BACK in just 6 days.  Thats near 300 miles a day on a regular push bike.  You can follow his progress at the website below.

I wonder if there are any world records for golf? i.e most rounds played in a day etc...

How do I sponsor him?

Theres a link on his website to his just giving site, in support of Cardiac Risk in the Young.  I won't put the link on here as it probably isn't appropriate.  Pretty amazing achievement if he makes it, I think he is mad even attempting it!

How does he intend to stay on the right route?

I assume he has a sat nav device on his bike, I'm not too sure, he has a support crew of 2 vehichles (including my brother, which is rather worrying!) so he can't get two far off course.  I think the plan is about 18 hours a day of continuous riding.  He's done really well to get backing from some big companines, including Giant who are supplying him with the bikes so they must think he has a pretty damn good chance of doing it

names_used_up wrote (see)

I assume he has a sat nav device on his bike, I'm not too sure,

Or he may, you know, be using one of those new fangled things, I think they're called maps?

I'm sure he'll not want to be wasting time map reading.He's only 18 hours a day to get the miles in.Map reading can be far too time consuming.

He's off! You can track his progress here: Shame the weather isnt helping!

You´ve got a university education and yet still can´t spell endurance  ferkin hell!!

I blame dyslexia  Anyway, he is HALF WAY, 900 miles in 62 hours, with 2 hours sleep. He now has 3 and a half days to ride all the way back to break the world record. Even if he stopped now if would be a pretty amazing achievement

He made it, 1800 miles in 5 days, 21 hours and 8 minutes, a new world record by a massive 23 hours!