Hybrid bikes

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Hybrid bikes

I've come to the conclusion that impact sports are knackering my joints so going to take up cycling as a way of getting in shape and keeping the weight off.

I've got a mountain bike but it's never used,firstly you got to get it on the rack,then drive to a track and then there is all the cleaning afterwards and the drive home which is probably around 3 hours,with the wee man starting nursary in September I've got 2 hours to exercise.

So I want recommendations of a hybrid bike which I can just jump on and go on the road and tow paths etc (I'm not aerodynamic enough for a road bike!)

Questions I have are do I need v or disc brakes? Do I need front suspention? I want something thats nippy on the roads but ok on tow/canal paths,I don't intend to go offroading with it much.

My mountain bike is a trek and I saw a 7.3 fx trek which looked good but no idea if it is.

Don't waste your money,Don. Just swap the tyres for something more suitable.
Instead of a hybrid, I'd go hardtail, lockout shocks,and less knobbly tyres.
And discs if you can stretch to them.

I'd have to switch forks and tyres on my mtb, could prob buy the trek for that amount,seen one for £400 here 

Seems fine Don, I just think they're very limited. If you want to hit anything slightly rougher in the future, the hardtail mtb will be more versatile.... And, unless they measure hybrids in a different way to mtbs, you'd need to be, like 9 ft tall to have a 22" frame!

Get a car FFS

got 2 of them things already Taz,bloody expensive them things

It's 'cos of Bradley Wiggins innit?    

The Open is on.....Loads of tossers on the course. The footy's starting...Loads of tossers in the park. Wiggy's a winner.............................................  

Taz wrote (see)

It's 'cos of Bradley Wiggins innit?    

Nope, kids starting school september so got time to get out more,and the old knees can't take impact sports much longer,+ I don't look good in budgie smugglers so swimming's out.

I run an old rigid mtb on slicks works well for our potholed roads. Fancy a hybrid, whyte make some lovely bikes.


I thought the point was exercise, not posing?
Nobody but you will give a toss about how you look - just swim and enjoy!

Some proper swimmers down the sports village though in Newport though! If I was to pose in lycra I'd look like the only gay in the village! My trek is 10 years old+ and has taking a battering over the years,with the cycle to work scheme I can get it for 60% of the rrp. May just gumtree my old un.

Budgie Smugglers indeed....