Klischko V Chisora

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Klischko V Chisora

Anyone watching the fight??

Ive just found a decent feed on the Internet, hopefully it will be half decent.

Whats the link Tiger.

Dont want to put the link up mods might not like it

Cheers mate, will give it a go.

Boxnation have had problems with subscription so are showing on Sky 456

Mods will be fine with it, but AP might night. Mind you, the cat's away.... Pass the cheese....

Might not. Not might night.

so is still going ? 

Klischko taking the first 2 rounds. 

Chisora doesn't stand a chance, all over by th 6th is my prediction.

He's doing a lot of walking forward, but not throwing enough punches.

just has to hang in there and sort it out in the 11th , question is , is good enough... probably not! 

Good couple of rounds from Chisora, but not hit him with any hard shots yet

has to play the energy card and make klitchko static by tiring him out 

well totally outclassed in the end

Klitchko in a different class.  Chisora put up a good effort, but the guy is obviously a bellend.  Vladimir will tear him to shreds.

I see Chisora and Haye kicked off after at the press conference.  Makes you proud to be British,  as I type sky news has said that Chisora has been detained at the airport.

What's that in Haye's fist? http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/58583000/jpg/_58583470_dereck_chisora_david_haye_reuters2.jpg

I know Chisora is claiming he hit him with a bottle.

If you zoom right in it does look like a bottle

Anyone suspect it's a stage prop? It all seemed a bit WWE to me.

oh dear pair of losers! 

I didn't know David Haye could throw a punch. Here's a good link: Haye v Chisora @ 3.26 Haye bottling Chisora @ 4.04 Haye hits his Adam Booth (his manager) with a tripod

so this is a sport is it..... So surely Haye is on criminal charges and is banned ? in the same way eric cantona was?

This could ruin Haye's chances of getting Klitschko back in the ring.

Made me laugh.... You must remember your not talking about normal guys here...They are thugs trained to inflict pain and suffering. Total different mindset... Hayes has his nose pushed out...End result, lost alot more than his temper...

The Klitschkos managed to keep their cool when provoked.

The brothers are a class act and don't really get the recognition they truly deserve, saying that the heavyweight division has been awful since Lennox went...

what kicked it off?

Chris Tandy wrote (see)

what kicked it off?

Two big thugs, two big ego's, just like a saturday night in any city really.

Paddyjk wrote (see)

I thought haye had retired

From professional boxing yes.

Paddyjk wrote (see)

I thought haye had retired

Yeah he made a big deal of that.  It was never going to last.  I wonder if we will get these 2 in the ring with the winner getting one of the Klitchko's

Haye and Chisora are either a complete pair of bell-ends, or it's the most scraping-of-the-bottom-of-the-barrel grasp at publicity to hype up the next fight. What next? Kickboxer-esque avenging of a paralysed sibling? Gawd 'elp us.....

Chris Tandy wrote (see)

what kicked it off?

Click on the link above.

I read the bbc .. haye is missing. But he went to sort out a fight with a klitchko but chisora got a bit unhappy , thinks he is in line next ?? 

Bridgey (12.6 and getting worse) wrote (see)

What next? Kickboxer-esque avenging of a paralysed sibling? Gawd 'elp us.....


Feed them both to the piggies.........or stuff them in the mutli-fuel stove

Caffeineted wrote (see)

Feed them both to the piggies.........or stuff them in the mutli-fuel stove

Come on stop sitting on that fence, say what you really think.

I watched the link .. David Haye was a stirrer , his boxing career should be over, he completely started that. Chisora has not covered himself in glory, by slapping at the weigh in, but the fight was good enough to please Klitchko's manager (? presume he was the white haired guy). Although you do have to question the Klitchko's manager in all of this accusing Haye of boxing off the back foot when he faced Klitchko.. diplomacy seems to have gone out the window here. Haye just showed himself for being a dumbass .. British boxing is at it's lowest point when we struggle to get fighters who know how to box .. instead of retarded thugs.