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leeds united

leeds have sacked simon grayson after three years in charge.

currently tenth in the championship they really should be higher and fighting for promotion.

What's that scraping sound? Ah yes, the sound of deckchairs being shuffled on The Titanic.

Ken Bates & Neil Warnock should be fun to watch.

Ooooh, yes, I hadn't thought of that dynamic. Which, unfortunately, is why it will never happen I suspect.

The manager gets biffed because the players don't deliver and the owners don't stump up the money to shift these players out and replace them with new ones and fail to invest in a youth scheme to develop their own players ... so why get rid of the manager again?

chris i think you will find that leeds have one of the best youth acadamy`s out there.  and warnock and bates ,oooohhhh mouthwatering prospect. .  the thing tat always makes me grin is when clubs do release a manager and bring in new blood,the new blood is always guaranteed x amount of money for new players ,why wasnt this money availiable to the outgoing encumbant?

Get Warnock in...he'll sort them out!

It will take more than Warnock to sort Leeds out. A massive cash injection is needed, 10th in the Championship is an extremely flattering position, they have been absolute garbage this year with what can only be described as one of the worst defences i have had the misfortune of watching. The new manager, whoever he may be, will have more problems staving off relegation than reaching the play-offs.

^^^ totally agree BATES OUT!!!!!