Leeds v Warrington

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Leeds v Warrington
Doesn't seem to be much rugby mentioned on these forums but if you're at a loose end tonight and fancy watching some top class sport then get Sky Sports 2 on and watch this game. Two great teams that like to throw the ball around and they'll be plenty of big hits on show.

Not seen that yet, I will watch it replayed tonight but was more than happy to see Widnes beat Barrow last night!  Good revenge for when we got beat at their place.

Nit of a thread-jack but don't forget the Aviva Permiership Final between Leicester Tigers & Saracens today. The 2 best teams in England knocking lumps out of each other - if the finale to the game is as good as last year it will be a cracker!

Just watched the Wire vs Leeds game.  Warrington are looking really good this season.  If they don't win the Super League then it's more their own fault as they have the team to do it.

Stood under the sticks with the rest of the Wire fans. Was a top night, ref was a bit poor though. Was out with a few Rhinos fans, all us Wire fans were singing "It's just like Wem-ber-ly" to the Leeds lads, they started singing "It's worse than Wem-ber-ly" didnt half make me chuckle!

Shame the union final is on ESPN! Great performance last night from the Wire but it's too early for talk of winning the league, there's a long way to go yet.

Robster - can't wait for Widnes to be back in Super league next year but they've a lot of improving to do over the next 3 years to make sure they stay there!

Cant wait for Widnes to be back myself too! Give Warrington a proper derby match on Millenium weekend rather than getting whoever is left over! Widnes Warrington always takes me back to the days when my old mates Sorenson, Tamati & Boyd playing. Great times!

Played union alongside Kurt after he finished playing at Widnes and against tamati a lot, looking forward to millenium myself

Without a doubt the Widnes side you see next year is going to be a fair bit different to the one that's out there now.  The trick is finding enough players of SL calibre for next year.  I would hope that come the end of the 3 years we will have shown our infrastructure is good enough to stay in for the following bid.  It'll be great to be playing against the big guns again though, that's for sure.  Teams like Huddersfield and Castleford have shown this season what can be achieved with a good coach and a gradual improvement. 

Widnes will definitely need the 3 years to bed in. I think with O'Connor as the owner you won't repeat the mistakes of the past and blow the club finances. It's a problem that you won't have much time to bed these new players in unless you can get them on board this season but the lower salary cap probably means that's impossible

You're right.  But on the positive side we do have a decent youth system and as you say in O'Connor we have a very good Chairman.  The trouble is we can't approach UK based players until the end of the season so till then we can't really make any major announcements in terms of team building.  I think the jury is still out on Dennis Betts and we will have to see how the second half of the season goes.  In a way I hope he does well because we need more top flight British coaches in SuperLeague.