liverpool v brighton.

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liverpool v brighton.

on paper the scousers should win ,but this isnt played on peper ,

1-1 after 17mins.

cmon brighton.

At 16 mins I was about to lay a few pounds against a Liverpool win. Missed the opportunity. A match played on pepper?! Might stop the diving.  

ooh rubbing salt in my typo.  2-1 half time.

Tee Hee Hee...

They should have let that Brighton player who was on a hat-trick take the penalty.

Just got in, what was the score Funky

carroll m-o-m too, bring on the potters

I see Carroll scored,  hes found his level now

Carroll for golden boot

tak wrote (see)

Carroll for golden boot


tak wrote (see)

Carroll for the boot

There you go tak, sorted for you

tak wrote (see)

Carroll oot

Proper fixed.

tak wrote (see)

Carroll is a big waste of money, and will be sold for half the price.

Fixed evern bettererererer

Was it 3 own goals? Nice to see them continuing an age old Brighton tradition of men scoring up the wrong end.

The third OG was a cracker. Instead of hoofing the ball away, the B&HA centre half decided he would try and bring the ball down in his own 6 yard box. His first touch was OK, but the second touch... oh dear.

lfc supporter here but i felt so sorry for the defender on the lasy og