Louis Van Gaal

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Louis Van Gaal
Just seen his press conference. "Yesh so you will now apologishe for not shaying true thingsh?" - silence - "Ok well enjoy the minche piesh and Merry Chrishmash!" And off he went with a face like a well slapped arse! Yeah I bet his mulled wine is made with pure sour grapes this year!

Childish at best. Where was the Press Officer?

Probably having a beer with their new manager!

At least Chelsea got rid of Mourinho before he got chance to blow the transfer window purse. If Van Gaal blows n-mil on more "dull as dishwater" negative players, then any prospective replacement manager will be thinking twice before accepting the job (before the end of the season that is).

The likelihood is that the team will still be mid-table fodder into Feb. Van Gaal will get booted (crying into his box of disposable silk handkerchiefs after yet another sickening pay-off for being sh!te). Giggsy takes over as caretaker until the end of the season and if he shows form, gets the main job for 2016-2017, otherwise they look for someone else (apart from Mourinho).

I really really hope he survives. He's doing a grand job !!!!!! 

After the Stoke loss I'm amazed he's still there!

He probably feels like walking out, but managers these days would be daft to - just wait for your P45 and the large ensuing pay out. Kerching.

Maybe that's the dodge of the century: bring a few clubs through wait for the impervious offer (i.e. 12mil f**k-off guarantee) and then just wait.

"Oh no! I'm sho dishapointed. That 8 figure shum meansh nothing to me!"

"So what will you do now Louis!"

"I don't know, I only have the preshidentsh shweet in Burg-Al-Arab for two monthsh to think about it no! It'sh shertainly going to but tough I think..."