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I know all you GM "Racing Snake" types tolerate darts with a thinly veiled layer of contempt but the matches from the last 16 down to the quarter finals have been incredible! It's been great viewing especially with a beer and a few bar snacks! Absolutely mustard!

Father in law swears by it.

The dolly birds are worth the admission fee too ????

Sort the smilies on here, admin. Grrrrr

Jamie Donaldson in the crowd this evening.

I'm with you, Chris, it's been magic darts all round. 

Yeah, the Scottish would say that wouldn't they!


Best bloke all the way through won it.

If anything the final was smidge disappointing (compared to the last 16, quarter and semi finals), still good viewing though.

Yea, a real decent guy he seems. Pleasure to watch most of it. I was on the edge of my seat with the MVG V RVB match. What a cracker....quality and tension.  Anyone watching this piss poor darts on BBC. Its god awful in comparison. I have seen better pub games. Watched a 29 dart game. Watched 14 darts missed at doubles in another and an average anywhere high 70's low 80's will get you a win in the first round. They really have taken darts up a notch on the other side. You almost always need an average of over 100 to win a tournament or to get through the latter stages. Different world between the 2 

I chuck better darts after 10 pints of San Miguel than most do in the BDO!

The PDC have certainly taken it to a new level, and the top players have all upped their games,  the averages now are astonishing. Having watched the PDC worlds  the last few years now, the players and their characters start to become more familiar.  Playing in that atmosphere at the Aly Paly must be a huge buzz.  Agree re comments on BDO, you have to accept it for what it is now,  a second tier and feeder division for the PDC.

It's good that people know their limits. The old faces of the BDO who would never dare move as they know how poor their game would be in the PDC.  Equally so I am impressed by those that make the move to challenge their own game. That's real belief. More recently Stephen Bunting comes to mind. His game has improved rapidly since moving across.  Makes you wonder if we all played golf with better players would it happen to us......or do we know our limits