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anyone watch this ,if so who are you backing for the superbowl .

for me its the patriots. been a pats fan for nigh on twenty years.

Its one of those sports that I'll watch if its on, I quite enjoy the technicality of it. I used to have a liking for the Dolphins in the Dan Marino days. I don't have the stamina to watch the Superbowl. I'd like to go to a game some time, possibly a Cardinals home fixture now that they're in Phoenix.

marino was a super quarterback  the tom brady of his day. i would love to go to a game ,ane even though im a pats fan it would have to be Dallas cowboys at home to the redskins.

Ah the Man U v Liverpool fixture of the NFL without the accompanying violence.

huh that's no good

Right I'll start again. I've been, twice, to a Dolphins game and can assure you there is NOTHING sports wise to compare. The sheer noise of the fans, speaker volume, euphoria of a touchdown is electric. It is THE sports event. We won both games. First three years ago v the Raiders and this year whilst on a baaaaaad roll, we thumped the Bills. What a day!!!!!!!!! Get yourself over there. It's amazing. Oh and tickets? We got ours on both occasions for.....$20-$25. Right. I'll have a got at that link thing again.

Stone me I can't even get a piccie up

very envious CF i really must try and get to see a game.

I'll put a photo up if someone can tell me how to get the size down from 1mb to the required 250k.

I can't see past Green Bay again for this year

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For me it could be enjoyable but, and it is a major but, it takes far too long with too many breaks, time outs, personnel changes etc. Give me a good game of Rugby League over it any day.

Nope nope nope. The time flys by when you're there believe me. Off to get a drink, hot dog etc, TV's everywhere you go so you don't miss anything!!!!!

I would like to take in an NFL game and hope to be proven wrong but as a TV spectacle, no it doesn't do it for me.

To replicate a live game, get some top quality up tempo music on the stereo turn the volume right up and when the breaks are on, unleash it. Don't listen to the chatter of the commentators zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh at half time go and make a hot dog with onions,  don't worry about the time it takes to make it, you will be replicating the exact time it takes to get served anyway. Well that's what it's like at the Dolphins stadium. 

Oh, and for Dolphins fans, as I couldn't get a link up, search for Miami Fight Song on You Tube. Thats what BLARES out of the stadium speakers after a touchdown. Also after each first down scream at the top of your voice "That's another Miami FIRST DOWN". I'm getting goose pimples just typing. How good is it? Three years ago we went to the USA, me very reluctantly on the proviso that we could go to a Dolphins game. Best thing about the holiday voted by all adults? The game!!! No question. This years vote. The game!!!! and that was after getting a soaking twice!!!! There aint no roof at miami.

Used to watch it religiously on the TV. Would love to go to a game, i think Chicago in the snow would be good! Have always been a Bills fan, still cant understand how we didnt win one in the 90's. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride!!!!

Not too good this season Kefkef, this was the game I was at in Miami. Whoo whoo!!!

Loud music, a loooong match, queuing for ages for a dubious meat based comestible.... not sure you're selling this to us, CF !! 

Really? I think you're looking at it negatively. The loud music gets the adrenaline running. I did say the time actually flys by. Hot dog whilst at a game? It's a must do thing, even it they're not haute quisine. Yum yum.  The queue is frustrating. Only three people in front of you at your till and you still wait 1/2 hour. MacDonnalds could show them a thing or two about service. Although the service in Florida, albeit polite, is very slow and leisurely. Try queing at Disney for an ice cream when it's busy. I'm sure the longer the queue the slower the staff work.

Nothing compares to it?? Ever been to Celtic vs Rangers cup final? Nuts

Yeah right. A load of pissed up bigoted Scots hurling abuse at each other. Not really the same.

and the yanks are not pissed up? NFL has it's place but it's not a patch on the real thing,real sports don't stop for a breather every 10 seconds.

Well, Don, the yanks only drink Bud!    Too fizzy to manage enough to get drunk on! While I admire the passion of the Old Firm Games (and I worked in Glasgow for a year) as an "outsider" I can also add there was a real tinge of utter nastiness to it that made me feel a bit sick! and.....NFL is "pish" as they say in Glasgow!

If you want real atmosphere and non-stop action then there are two sporting spectaculars that deliver big time: Essendon v Collingwood at the MCG on ANZAC Day The AFL Grand Final Aussie Rules knocks football/soccer and NFL into a cocked hat. Saying that I'd still like to go to a live NFL game.

Aussie Rules = Men fighting in skimpy shorts!  (just for you Mary!)

well what a game for the 49ers ,fantastic finnish.  and with green bay getting put up them big time by the giants its set up a really good conferance final .  on the other side it was an awesome display by the patriots who will be getting home field advantage for their upcoming conferance final against baltimore.  im thinking its going to be a giants v patriots super bowl with the pats coming out on top.

Been a niners fan since i was saw them beat the chargers in the superbowl, must admit the game v the saints was on of the best ive seen, need our defence to get the same rush against the front five for NYG to stand a chance, i hate to admit it if the niners to manage to beat the Giants I cant see them beating the pats (if they beat the ravens) PS broncos draft a QB and play tebow at running back !

i think tebow would make a bloody good running back ,you can imagine the plays that denver could use doing that,flea flickers are us.

All the talk in Miami is about how to get the best available (to us) QB. We not had a decent one for years.

bring back DAN

I think the current qb matt moore is not too bad, decent arm accuracy, mostly the problem is the the offencive line, or the weapons he has available. If you cant get the protection for the qb to throw and your running game sucks, your not getting any where ! He could even play the wildcat and the HB option pass etc, what ever you think about tebow he does get the W and thats all the ever matters  Just win baby as  Al Davies used to say

I'm posting here coz' I'm trying to avoid seeing the result of the other game, but what the hell happened to the Ravens kicker last night? Any competent 14yo rugby playing lad could have kicked that one last night. Shocking. I'm beginning to think it was fixed, so that Murdock could have the other game to follow on immediately, which lets face it, was a bigger game by far.  And whilst I'm on, what was Brady thinking when in possession with 3 minutes to go and launching a hail mary ? Run every time and use up the clock.