Olympics Coverage

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Olympics Coverage
I just noticed that on Virgin cable, there are 24 new BBC Olympic HD channels and also the same 24 in standard def. It looks as if the coverage is going to be pretty comprehensive. I assume these will also be on Freeview. Whatever your sport it, hopefully you"ll be able to see a lot of it.

24 BBC Olympic channels not available on freeview, but there is a red button offering.

We have 13 channels in Malaysia covering it including HD & 3D, Time difference a bummer, the opening ceremony on a t 4am really looking forward to it and hopefully the UK can match expectations with the medal haul. 

Couldnt give a stuff about most of the sports at the Olympics... BUT, I can't believe that how excited I am about the fact they games are here on this islands!  Going to stuff in Cardiff and London and goign back to the Paralymics too! I am getting really hacked off with the negative press about it....what agenda are they running?

What negative press?  

Not sure if you are kidding or not! We've had months of it... 

Ian, I think JMD is missing all the press coverage here, probably not covered much in Malaysia. I really hope that the opening ceremony lives up to all the hype!

I've heard nothing but good things about the opening ceremony. Including from someone who has seen the dress rehearsal.

That's good news Dan  I for one will be eagerly awaiting it this evening

fair enough, forgot they were in Malaysia!!  Been watching BBC News Channel...quite positive for them , maybe they have finally turned!  Summary: Going back to 2003/4 ..we had "why are we bidding?" Then "we'll not get it" Its jingoistic nonsence, Then oh, we got it, what a waste of money and it'll not get built!" Then its the "its all in London" so I'm not interested!  Not enough security, Why isnt Beckham playing? The Scots won't join in the football!!   (mind you, they don't do finals!)   The site will be a white elephant, there will be traffic chaos! etc etc     The twat "Bob Geldof" on the news on Monday saying (quote) "The best we can hope for is that it won't be naff?"  The best?  What a pillock!  (Stopped the egs are got bored typing it all in!)  After all the stories about "melt down" at Heathrow, just had a call from a mate who flew overnight from JFK. Got into heathrow, got straight through, loads of staff on - smashing!  SO!!  Stuff em!!!  Come on the GB competitors!!  make us proud!   This country does great "pagentry...so let em have it!        

"SO!! Stuff em!!! Come on the GB competitors!! make us proud!