other sports you play

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other sports you play
so what sports do you take part in, weekly or occasional? i play 5 a side football weekly at work and ice hockey weekly as well

There is only one sport. Before I found golf I was into Ski-mountaineering, Mountain biking & hillwalking

I enjoy the odd spot of fishing but not that often any more, takes to much time

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I have a 4 yr old so golf is enough as far as the wife is concerned!

Other sports?! Heretic.

Barry, you can't possibly have time for other sports, you post on here all day! 

Cigar smokingWine drinkingHorizontal jogging

McStumpy i also hold down a full time job! and amazingly i have no internet connection at work and am not aloud to take my phone in!

5 a side football with mates every week in between rounds when at home from uni.Upon return to uni, mostly golf, with pool and snooker in the mix - running the pool and snooker society as co-president this year so will be playing a lot!

Same here Barry, shit work, its great for golf now that the nights are drawing in.

Other sports.......... lumping weights around in the gym and table tennis, (both done at work however. Wouldn't dream of spending more time away from the missus!!!)

Also playstation.........

other sports, hmmm......in summer - cricket (mostly), whitewater rafting, sea-kayaking and cyclingrest of the year - used to be rugby but got fed up with all the injuries, now mainly golf and a bit of climbingNot sure if they are actually sports (more like fun pastimes) but I also swim, kite-surf, and scuba dive. None as often as I would like.Least favourite sport tried - skiing - those bloody boots are just murderWeirdest sport tried - played a game of Kabaddi whilst working in Bangladesh a couple of years ago. Bit like British bulldogs but weirder. They take it very seriously over there.

recently retired from 5-a-side and other than competetive drinking thats it for me.the missus who also plays is a black belt and trained instructor with her own tae kwon do club-guess who is the boss in our relationship

Played rugby until a couple of years ago but now it all seems to be golf golf golf..... not that it's a bad thing !

Have given up most things other than golf, still do a bit of weight training and some boxing (just bag work) along with a bit of snooker.Used to play football and rugby a lot but injury stopped that so now just have a kick about every now and then.

Golf and Krav Maga for me.I get more enjoyment from the latter I am affraid to say!

Always wanted to do Krav Maga but there aren't any decent places near me. Have you don't any other forms of Combat/MA?

No other from of MA, except street fighting ha ha haThere are alot of rubbish clubs around, some teach Brazillian JuJitsu as part of Krav Maga, which is not what its about.Where are you based Richard?

I'm in Northampton, from what I remember Krav Maga clubs were in London and Birmingham but not much inbetween.I used to do Karate when I was younger but couldn't stand the "spiritual" side of it and just like how KM is more about do what you have to do to survive in self defence type thing without any Kata's and other rubbish.

Used to play a lot of badminton - hence I sometimes have a bit of a "flicky" finish to my chip shots.

i cycle to work occasionly, 10 miles away so not to often!

and who mentioned MMA i did training last year, it was intense but i gave it up after i got kicked in the eye, hurt like fuck that did!

ah, i cycle to work 16 mile roundtrip

Should have mentioned microlight flying too (trainee pilot)........

It's essentialy a hobby though there are competitions of varying levels for advanced practitioners - a bit like golf I suppose. I find it very complex mentally as there are lots of things to concentrate on and there is no let up like there is between shots. Ultimately I hope to fly my own aircraft from the neighbouring farm; if it is feasible to go places great but it may end up being just local stuff. Incidentally you get a totally different look at a golf course from 2,500 feet! As far as a game of aeroplanes go it's very simple - avoid the other ones; and yes it is expensive

I used to play many sports, too many to name. Thankfully at this current time golf, and a little bit of recreational football, is all.

As a kid, I played ice hockey for years, then American style "football" as I got older.  I also trained in various styles of martial arts.  Many years later I got back into hockey in a beer league, but at my age it took too long to recover from the various bumps and bruises every week.Now it's only golf.

Used to play darts, highlighting with a singles and mixed doubles win in our local league a few years ago. I hit a seriously rich vein of form going into the knockouts,and beat all the leagues best players to reach the final, where I met inferior opponent and thought my luck would end there. But no, true to form he was pizz poor and I strolled to a 2-0 victory. Last game of the night was the mixed and we were up against the favs who'd won it for the last three years. 1-0 down 1-1. Then we started the final leg. 100 to us / 100 to them / 100 to us / then ...some teeny weeny number to them  what a start. I was left 90 to win. Got close but bust it. They were well back. My partner stepped up, county player. I couldn't look. Just heard thud thud. YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!! and a scream like a banchee. I looked up to see my partner in the classic "I've won" darts pose and as all her mates rushed the stage and we all bounced around like we'd won the world championship!!!What an adrenalin rush!!!!!Just thought I'd share one of my (very few) sporting highlights with you all.

Darts is a proper sport, i play at work and have hit a few 140's no 180's as yet, bottle it after the 2nd T20

All my stuff is "used to"Used to play Rugby (League and Union), Football, 5-a-side, squash, bit of tennis, bit of cricket,  plus other odds and sods from time to time.Since I ruptured my cruciate ligament at the grand age of 46 I have not ventured out on the high impact stuff again as I don't want to risk further damage but know I need to do something so cycling seems the next best bet.  

just golf for me these daysused to race motorbikes, not sensible or financially viable when you are in your late 40's

i was a footballer with a premiership team had trials over in spain then screwed my knee up now im playing golf as my only sport

For me it's Bowls - outdoor in summer, indoor in winter. Still play 5-a-sides once a week too. As well as Watching Hearts at home.

mark McGuff, i taught a load of nippers green bowls one summer after practising for an hour, was part of a holiday camp thing i had work experience at, i really enjoyed it

Off to run New Forest marathon today!

rather you than me nine!

I play Baseball once a week. in one of the three teams Luxembourg has. I play Short Stop and Catcher.

And in Winter, Snowboarding!

Love a game of beach rounders

Ive played cricket in Luxembourg Philippe, against the national team in luxembourg City, lovely place, and great beer as well.

Hey yorkey, i like cricket, but never had the chance to play it, yet...

Funny I should stumble across this thread as my main NY resolution is to play more sport. I was really bad in 2010, but up until this time last year I was a regular player of football (fives, sevens and 11s), cricket, tennis, squash, badminton etc...

I do cycle to GM Towers - though it's only a ten mile round trip.

Anyone in London need a five-a-side footballer, let me know.

 my other sport is fishing ,match fishing to be more precise. dosent sound very energetic but concentration levels are far and away a lot higher than playing golf ,you dont get a five minute break between fish you keep going ,unlike golf you hit you wait for your playing partner[s] to hit then walk maybe two hundred yards for them to hit again before you start thinking about your next shot. i have given the fishing a bit of a push to the back burner this year and played a lot more golf .

I play football during the weekends and shoot the hoops with my friends in the afternoon after work. It helps me stay fit and healthy.I love golf but I also love playing other sports.

I love playing golf and fantasy football, but fantasy football season is over. I find myself with lots of time on my hands. What can members recommend for a game to play against others each day that requires skills and luck with some kind of championship?

Matthew Thorington wrote (see


I love playing golf and fantasy football, but fantasy football season is over. I find myself with lots of time on my hands. What can members recommend for a game to play against others each day that requires skills and luck with some kind of championship?

Hey sp0rtsnutone. I would suggest you get a social life lol, but to answer your question, why don’t you try gameon247. Just google the name and their site should come up. Its gaming website filled with casino styled games like Blackjack. They also have daily tournaments every 15 mins, if that’s what you meant by championships and you can see how you stack up against other players with their leader boards so I’m sure the competition is intense. Try your luck and test your skills. Good luck!

Pocket Billiards



^^^^ Proper gambling game! Popular in golf clubs, rugby clubs & bars everywhere. Very addictive especially after a few ales.Rules of Spoof

Oh right only one loser, but you don't want to be him if the stakes are high and a lot of people are playing.


I've got Poker going on tomorrow night. Poker counts as a sport right?

Spoof is ace. We play it a little differently to that. There are 'fines' drinks (shots usually). You get fined for, losing, gloating, dropping coins, swearing, pointing, calling anyone by their name and finally everything you say, you have to say it twice - everything you say, you have to say it twice.

I'm awful at poker. I'm optimistic and impatient, that's just about the worst combination for poker I can think of