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I've got a seat just waiting for you Harry, don't worry about booze - just bring the deeds to your house, eh?

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I love playing golf and fantasy football, but fantasy football season is over. I find myself with lots of time on my hands. What can members recommend for a game to play against others each day that requires skills and luck with some kind of championship?

Hey sp0rtsnutone. I would suggest you get a social life lol, but to answer your question, why don’t you try gameon247. Just google the name and their site should come up. Its gaming website filled with casino styled games like Blackjack. They also have daily tournaments every 15 mins, if that’s what you meant by championships and you can see how you stack up against other players with their leader boards so I’m sure the competition is intense. Try your luck and test your skills. Good luck!

I’d have to second what fantasy2011fan said. Gameon247 has the best free online tournament I’ve ever played. I always play Blackjack there everyday and I must say it’s very fun and competitive. How can it not be fun to win against other people

I'm a big poker fan (no-limit hold em) small stakes $1 & $2, I play on-line most nights - I've had a couple of big wins lately ($130 & $175).I find its more entertaining than falling asleep on the sofa in front of the tv.

I love cigars, besides that I occasionlaly play a round of poker.

I love indoor sports such as Dart, Billiards and Pool, and I hike, camp and climb mountains as well.

Mountain biking (regularly) - mainly the gravity assisted sort, not a climber by any stretch! I used to shoot practical pistol, but it got way too expensive and the legislation surrounding it pretty much spoiled it for everyone - if you weren't totally dedicated it was just too much hassle. A good example of how one bad apple can spoil the whole batch. I also used to be a field archer, and represented England twice at the World Championships in Italy 2003 and the European Champs in Austria 2004.

Oh and I'm a football bore, too. Burnley, Newcastle, Threave Rovers and Juventus (every football fan should have a home, Premiership, Scottish and European team!)

Cycling generally and most specifically mountain biking. In fact that's been pretty much my only sport for the past 20 years. The fact that it'd taken over my life (it's my work as well as play) was a big part of the reason I got back into golf - nice break from bikes. 

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so what sports do you take part in, weekly or occasional? i play 5 a side football weekly at work and ice hockey weekly as well

Where do you play hockey? Played on and off since I was 5 as well as refereeing for a while.

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Many years later I got back into hockey in a beer league, but at my age it took too long to recover from the various bumps and bruises every week.

This is me. Two days to recover from a game or training. As the team brawler I also took far too many injuries, the worst being a separated shoulder which still gives me trouble. I also have a knee injury which is gonna stay with me for a while. I did enjoy refereeing but with all the games being at weekends it takes up far too much of my family time, even worse than golf. Spot of kick boxing, but if I wanna get hurt I'd rather play hockey. Fair bit of cycling through summer, something like 80-100 miles per week plus commuting. Does sleeping count?

erm darts if it counts  i ski once a year and play a bit of tennis/badminton from time to time

I'm with Clarkson on darts: Why would you want to spend time in a pub, stood up, doing maths?

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I'm with Clarkson on darts: Why would you want to spend time in a pub, stood up, doing maths?

hahaha its a good point! to be honest its the maths bit that lets me down 

the only maths i do in the pub is either how many units have i supped or whats the probabibility of me ending up with the blond in the corner? FWIW i can drink a lot more than the chances of the girl.

I've even had arguments with opponents about how many points were just scored and how many I had left, keeps the brain working though!

working out roughly how long until it's my penny's turn for the pool table is also a labour of love.