Pakistan cheated, NotW cheated

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Pakistan cheated, NotW cheated

The current Lord's test has been one of the most thrilling I can remember, and Stuart Broad and Jonathan Trott set a fantastic new world record for an 8th wicket stand. Yet now that record (and England's victory) must surely be wiped from the books because the News of the World paid to have 3 no balls bowled during the innings.

Now, I have no sympathy for the Pakistani players involved, it's shameful that they took this money and yes, sanctions must follow.

But my real hatred is reserved for the NotW, the scummiest part of Murdoch's Empire of Sleaze. There is no evidence that anyone else rigged this match, no evidence that there would have beeen any cheating without their involvement, no reason to believe that Trott & Broad wouldn't have batted just as resolutely and skillfully and still turned the match and broken the record without their loathesome intervention. They found and exposed a human weakness - offered lots of money for almost no effort, people will often take it. No news there, really. But why not do it in a meaningless game, a One-Day match that will in any case be forgotten in a week's time? Why spoil the deciding test of a fascinating series?

Is there any possibility that the NotW will be investigated for their part in the match fixing?

I was watching cricket about 2-3 years ago and I was amazed to see betting companies were sponsoring the TV coverage of the tests.

Unbelievable after all the stuff that has gone on in the game that the cricketing authorities are willing to allow the TV companies to have sponsors like that. But that's it, money talks ...

Gary, I agree with you to a point. A fantastic test match that has now been permanently marred by controversy. I don't think that the alleged events do take anything away from the record stand by Trott and Broad, but it has certainly spoilt the atmosphere today.

With regards to the News of the World's involvement: there is fine line between good journalism and exploitative sensationalism. If it is shown that this sort of thing is common place and the NoW has now exposed this practice then I would argue that this is entirely justified journalism. If it proves to be a case of their actions being an isolated sting, then I agree that they must carry some of the blame for the resulting events. As most of the betting is linked to the black market sector then I doubt any proof in either direction will emerge. We will be left with speculation and the fact that one of the finest prospects in Test cicket, Mohammad Amir, will now permanently have some doubt as to his honesty and integrity.

It sounds like the test is finishing off as a damp squib this morning with Pakistan capitulating to to some high quality spin from Swanny.

It's a shame!

NickdeBug wrote (see)

I don't think that the alleged events do take anything away from the record stand by Trott and Broad

As I understand it, at least one of the alleged bribe-induced no-balls was during the record stand. At best, the record would only stand with an asterisk, but I don't think in all honesty it can go in at all - which is an enormous shame for the two players who worked so hard for it.

I've just got around to reading the News of the World account of what happened. Very damning, especially when you look at the balls in question. The key thing was that the 'fixer' allowed the undercover journalist to buy into an existing scheme. Something he claimed had been going on for 2 and a half years, had made millions for its participants and in which up to 7 of the current ream were complicit.

I am not a fan of the tabloid style of journalism but it does seem that they have done their job on this one.

Having read the claims of this guy I have to agree with you that the results (and hence the records broken) will have to be in doubt. I find it hard to see how the ODI series can go ahead now.

It's a very sad day for cricket.

ban the lot of them, but dont take anything away from the guys that worked so hard in the test, trott and broad

Gary ,don't think that I can agree with you on this one. I agree that in the past some of the NOTW stories and methods have been at the best outrageous and the worst possibly criminal. The alleged phone tapping would have to be the worst (though I cannot recall what the outcome of all that was) and the Max Moseley story was obviously a dodgy one BUT this appears ( at the moment) to be one of their stronger stories. Criminal activity by both the agent and the players. I cant believe that up to 4 players have been lured into this activity just because of NOTW

This has been endemic in Pakistani cricket for years all the NOTW have done is brought it into the public consciousness again.I play with and against many cricketers from Pakistan or with their origins from that country and for the most part they don't really see what's wrong with it. We rent our ground out to Pakastani guys for 'friendlys' and they have all sorts of bets on between themselves (and not for small amounts either - £1k +).Such a shame about Amir, he really did look like a world star but they all need life bans and not PCB bans which get forgotten when the dust has settled but ICC life bans