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I believe that QPR will keep their title and rightly so.

It would be a crime to take it away and then maybe getting knocked out in the play offs

I just cannot see them not handed the title, they may take points from them but not enough to tke away title

Neil Warnock has worked wonders, they were in the relagation battle 18months ago and now look, a shot at the premiership

Wasn't Warnock on the opposite end of a very similar situation when manager of Sheffield Utd? At that time he was convinced that West Ham should be docked points over the signings of Tevez & Mascherano. The FAPL bottled that decision and Sheffield Utd were relegated. No doubt the FL will also bottle it - the governing bodies don't want their "rules" tested in a court of law.

That's a really valid point, I wonder now what he thinks, now the shoe is on the other foot

Can't stand Warnock, so would "just love it" if they get docked enough points to miss out on promotion!

you cant knock him for what he has achieved at QPR

It's "personal" Wingnut.

Warnock couldn't wait for West Ham to get docked points.I hope he gets what he deserves although i feel abit sorry for the fans.West Ham are still paying Sheff Utd now after settling out of court it ended up costing West Ham £20 million.I couldn't believe they settled to be honest but thats just typical West Ham, even though theres a Premier League rule stating that no P.L.club can sue any other P.L.Club but there you go.Still we'll be swapping places with them soon.Good to see Sheffield Utd go down haha.Not that i hold grudges of course?!

So you want the rules enforced on West Ham in one instance, but not in the other where they got a massively favourable and incorrect judgement, that earned them far more than the £20m it has since cost them?Sheff Utd are now on the way to the 3rd division, somewhere it's highly unlikely they'd now be if West Ham were correctly dealt with. For me it's good to see that Warnock will be back, and almost certainly at the expense of West Ham. Karma indeed.

The use of players owned by a third party was NOT against the rules when the two argies played for West Ham . West Hams 'crime ' was in uncompleted paperworkQPR on the other hand have broken the rules as the use of players owned by third parties is now not allowed and in effect  using an unregistered ilegal player .This under the rules would allow the FL to deduct points in matches that Faurlin played  (40 apps)and award them to the opponents This could see Sheffield Utd saved  from the drop  and QPha ha ha  relegated Eagles !.

If rules have been broken then a punishment MUST be applied, otherwise what's the point of rules?

all valid points but come on QPR have been by far the better team and would 90% win the play off anyway

Fatshaft - West Ham did not get a favorable decision as they were fined £6 million pounds for what were paperwork irregularities.As was later stated Q.P.R. knew that third party ownership is now not allowed.I don't want Q.P.R. to not come up as i don't believe that would be fair first and foremost on the fans.However i do find it quite ironic that Warnock is now very quiet about the subject when he was one of the loudest big mouth atagonist gits about the Carlos Tevez affair.I don't rememeber him saying much when Tevez went 20 0dd games without scoring however.Although i do rememeber Tevez destroying Wigan 4-1 at Wigan and the fans abusing Dave Whelan (another big mouth idiot)...We need another one of them in a couple of weeks..aalthough it'll probably be too late!!

whats that saying " what goes around comes around ?

Football needs to sort itself out.  Most sports have "rules" with defined sanctions for breaching the rules...As the Authorities have left it till the end of the season, the sanction isnt just points or money.... it's promotion or not!  Docking them 15 points months ago would have been just that...now it is specifically promotion or not... that's daft!

It' just  one big joke, pot calling the kettle black, etc etc etc

Heard briefly that Cardiff may have done something similar, but will be dealt with under the Welsh FA rules, so not the same punishment.

Wholesale Spam - fritters anyone?

yeah I saw that, pretty mean.!