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Question of sport

"Every day BBC television show A Question of Sport will be asking a teaser in Sportsday Live.

Here is today's question, we'll publish the answer at 1400 GMT, but you can respond by using the hast tag on Twitter: #QSTeaser

Between 2004 & 2012, six golfers have made their first & only appearance for Europe in the Ryder Cup - who are they?"


Yesterday;s question was something like "Name the 7 players who have scored FA Cup Final goals whose surname end in a vowel (penalty shoot-outs do not count)"

Stenson Eduardo Molinari Karlsson Oli Wilson Thomas Levet Ricky Villa John Aldridge Roberto Di Matteo Drogba




I can't rememebr the footy answers!! But Cisse and Di Matteo were definitely a couple of others!   Want me to post the Ryder Cup players? Or leave it a while?

Bugger - think the footy question was cup finals since 2000 !! Cisse, Kanu, Drogba, Di Matteo, Saha, Cristiano Ronaldo and Yaya Toure - I think!   Deffo got the Ryder Cup question and answers!  

Charlie George, Nat Lofthouse

I confused myself because I had Steve McKenzie! Anyway, Ryder Cup players were Nicolas Colsaerts, Ross Fisher, Soren Hansen, Thomas Levet, Edoardo Molinari and Oliver Wilson.