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Robbie savage

 Personally i like Mr Savage , dont support derby and none of his other clubs ? but admire his determination and drive , yes he has been an idiot and yes sails close to the wind thru out the game 

Nice to hear a unscripted discussion and for a while the local press squirm and be off guard a little , I see Mr Savages point as listening to the local radio on the way home from most games i get fed up with some of them too 

Robbie rant

Great Link.....

Thanks for that Sparky - loved it.

Savage was on the right track, that journo was a typical short termist reactionary journo but Savage could've nailed him better.Good for him for sticking up for Clough though, Derby needs rebuilding from the base and that's what Clough wants to do. It's journo's like that that drum up the groundswell of hate that runs a manager out of town far too soon

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