Sitting Down Sports

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Sitting Down Sports

Just wondering why Team GB is so good at sitting down sports.

So I've decided to get a bit of practice in myself this evening, armed with a bottle or two of Marstons Double Drop ( £1-29 at Lidl )

C'mon Jessica Ennis   -  ( I would )

You would, but I doubt you could

Two bottles of Marstons Double Drop and he would be a like a sexually deprived Tyrannosaurus.....GrrrrrRoarrrrr....

Ahem. she is total athelete, not a sex object so put your lustfull thoughts back in your trousers

Go Ennis Go...

Wow!  Thats Ennis and Farah and Rutherford.

Not the national football team though...  

Not to bad at standing up sports either if tonight is anything to go by

Just wait til the Dominoes final!!!!!!!!!!!

Just struck me Why do we bother to play football any more, as a nation we are total crap at it. On the other hand the dedication and skill we have shown at other Olympic events have been awe inspiring. Perhaps we should concentrate more on sitting down sports, like throwing the beer bottle / Ginsters pie / coke can. Or perhaps a competition for the best dive and writhe onto the pitch. Or a comp for running and sliding along on the knees. Or a comp for running furthest with your shirt pulled over your head Or a comp for pulling down goalposts (one for the Scots)