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Growing up as a young boy I used to love the Snooker, the greats, Higgins, White, Davis. I even remember  Fred Davis, apart from Ronnie who is a prize prat. most natural player ever, as it pains me to say but not the best player ever thou. I think on there day at there prime Hendry would come out on top as he just never missed, long pots, tight angles,saftey play, break building, the list goes on. But this is only my view

  1. Steven Hendry
  2. Steve Davis
  3. Joe Davis
  4. Ronnie O'sullivan
  5. Alex Higgins
  6. Jimmy White

And how the world No1 is a cheater who got caught red handed and gets a 6 months suspension, yet again todays society, do the crime and dont do any time..

Reverse your list and you should have it spot on...