Special Callaway RAZR X HL Irons 4-9PAS

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Special Callaway RAZR X HL Irons 4-9PAS

Golfers who are familiar with Callaway golf clubs may know the Callaway RAZR X HL Irons, with the special RAZR Technology, the RAZR HL X irons are able to provide the excellent performance and feel to all the golfers. And building upon the excellent RAZR HL X irons, the new Callaway RAZR X HL Irons have the better performance than RAZR HL X, so there is no best, only better, you should not satisfied with the performance of the RAZR, the new RAZR X HL can bring you more.

The Callaway RAZR X HL Irons combine maximum distance with uncompromising forgiveness for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. If Callaway RAZR X HL Irons is ordered on weekends, it may be shipped within 48 hours depending on order volume over the weekend.
We sell new golf clubs before the release date on the official site. And you can own the brand new golf clubs at a very reasonable price.

The Callaway RAZR X HL irons have a fully integrated undercut cavity system. This cavity in the back of the clubface allowed Callaway engineers to position the centre of gravity specifically for each iron, maximising ball speed throughout the set. The medallion on the back of the clubhead is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and aluminum, and is designed to fine-tune the sound and feel of the RAZR X HL iron.