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Theirry henry

Van nistelroy

Got to be Cole or Owen

Although it could be Shearer?

the italian who played for borough ,cant remember his name ,very white haired.

Ravenelli or torres


Kevin Phillips? 

would never hav got kevin phillips

tak wrote (see)

would never hav got kevin phillips

that dog had his day in the sun .. it was for a season and then well nowhere

Paddyjk wrote (see)

he had 6 seasons at Sunderland with a scoring record of better than a goal every other game . hardly a day In the sun.

in the premiership?

Not every season but he did have a crazy goalscoring record.

Was it all with Sunderland? 

No he's moved about a bit but that first season in the premiership was.

Kevin Phillips had one of those crazy carreers from non-league in his 20s to many years at the top plus a few England caps. He was still, just, playing for WBA in the Premiership last season. He scores goals.

Yep well in his hay day I'd have had him in my team.