The World Cup 2010

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The World Cup 2010

Well, whaddya think? Who's gonna win it? England? Nah, me neither. Mind you my lad thinks we've got a chance if we get out of the group, as we don't meet anyone we can't overcome until Brazil in the semi's. I think he should keep off the Stella.   Alot of people I've ask seem to be going for Spain, but I think they'll collapse under the weight of expectation this time.

I've got a feeling for Holland. They seem to be really quiet and not blowing their own trumpet about their chances. No stand out stars and now with a bit of metal to go with their undoubted skills.  Also, as usual, never rule out the Germans. They won thier group easily enough, and Finland aren't in the World Cup finals to mess with their heads.

So lets be 'aving you. Pin your colours to the mast. Who's your money on?

Brazil - you can never fault them, i know they were poor last time around but u always gotta fancy em! the argies have got top quality front line with tevez and messi!! and with all the luck the french had getting there, then getting south africa as the seeded team in the group - u gotta think them!!think england will do well this time around semis. but if you look at the last 6 tournaments there has only been 5 different teams in the final so i think the final will be out of germany, argies, italy, brazil and francebut i hope its england

On the grounds that it's either won by a country from the hosting continent or Brazil, I'd have to say Nigeria.No, wait a minute... what about the country whose squad is so strong they can leave Ronaldinho at home?

I would have money on Argentina but they have some nutter in charge....For me its Brazil or Germany. France are now past it (they also have a nutter in charge). Italy were past it and are now building a new team but dont think they'll be ready. Spain wont win the euros and the world cup back to back.What about the altitude some of the games are at? Is it not quite high? Will that favour the likes of Chile and maybe some of the African teams? I'd love a left field or first time winner like Ivory Coast - no, not Drogba, - ok Chile it is!

We won the World Cup on sunday!Didn't you notice

Has to be Argentina for me, they'll be the one i'm watching anyway.

I'm just about to start reading a country to country guide on the world cup qualifiers from out of a footie mag I get.  I'll give you a brief update on what they say later. It's quiet at work today.

Ok finished it. The reports were (I think) by people who are either living in the country or keep a very close eye on things in that country. Almost all countries do not think their teams will get past the Q/F round, and, to some, it will be a major achievement. The only two that think they have a chance of winning the thing are Brazil and Spain, with the Spanish media keep a very tight lid on optimism apparently.  Most countries think their teams coach is a bit of a clown and shouldn't be in the job.  Also, ticket sales haven't been great in any country, except USA bizarrely.So its not just us English who are pessimistic about the outcome.

As I said on a thread a while ago, spain are terrible value. I think Brazil will win, Argentina and Germany not far off. Looking for an outsider? Try Mexico, they have the best young players in the tournament.England have the best chance since 1970, but they'll go out on pens in the QF or SF.

Don't fancy Scotland, Wales or Irelands chances much.

Harry Putter wrote

 Looking for an outsider? Try Mexico, they have the best young players in the tournament.

This ^  good call Mr Putter! If not them then the argies as long as they dont listen to the dust hoovering burger munching coach.

NickdeBug wrote (see)

We won the World Cup on sunday!Didn't you notice

I did Nick. South Africa A or not it's always good to stuff the convicts