To All Chelsea FC Fans

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To All Chelsea FC Fans
Chortle! Mind you I'm sure he'll be crying all the way to the bank with his 12mil dole money...

Never seen a manager who splits fans opinions so much. If you read the Chelsea forums half are heartbroken and the other half are glad to see the back of him. Man U boards are no different. Half want him and half don't. He is either brilliant or he is not, I don't know which lol 

Overall you can't argue with his track record. Outside his club, he must be very annoying, but if he's inside your tent p*ssing out... different story. Man U would do well to take him on.

As a Chelsea fan I'm at a total loss as to whats gone wrong. Jose is our most successful manager ever and he was a special one. I would have given him the chance to turn the season around but it's not my train set. He's one of very few fellow managers to get Fergie's respect so there must be something about him. I'll miss his duels with Wenger.

Mindthepond wrote (see)

Get all the football heads on this forum   and get them all to name a better manager.. very few names would come up...

  The manager isn't kicking the ol' pigskin about though, is he? Neither are the players, to any great effect......

Sneaky it's pretty clear what has happened. It's been wisely reported. Big breakdown between players and managers. As to why such discord has happened is another question. Players at Chelsea appear to weld a fair bit of influence, compared to other teams. 

The sacking of Carneiro will be pivotal to this.

Its as clear as mud James, what is being widely "reported" is all speculation and theory.

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