Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury
When it went to the judges cards I had that sinking feeling that the points results would be as much of a shambles as the first Paul Smith V Arthur Abrahams fight. Nice to see the ringside judges called exactly the same as the TV pundits. Fury is as mad as a box of monkeys but he deserves this moment in the sun. It was pretty far from a great fight but it was a great result! Well done Tyson.

I watched this live ad once again wondered why I wasted my money. One of the most disappointing fights I have ever watched.  TBH, don't like the big lump. I can't see him holding these titles long 

No because if you were to put Anthony Joshua in with any heavyweight right now (Klitschko, Fury, Haye, Wilder, etc.) he'd go through all of them like sh!t through a goose!

He's the complete and the real deal. He's got the perfect boxers physique (like Frank Bruno) but he also has beautiful boxing skill.

His jab reminds me of the great Larry Holmes' jab: great for starting a combination but also a powerful enough weapon to rock the opposition on it's own. He also possess superb power in both arms.

I don't mean to gush but AJ is the real deal and I had the pleasure of watching him up close in Newcastle a few months back. He beat Jason Gavern back then (and he's no mug) and you could actually "feel" AJ's punches land. Deathly accurate too.

P.S. I love the boxing, it's the purest sport IMO, but don't offer me on cos I'm a coward!