UEFA Team of the year

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UEFA Team of the year

Coming from a long line of Spurs Fans......they are still waiting for the bubble to burst!

How are there no recognised center forwards in the line up !!! and three wingers ! Messi, Ronaldo and Bale ! all quality players though ! where is Rooney.

Rooney isn't that quality ... on the world stage he did nothing.

^^^Being England's best player, it just shows how c**p the England team really are.

over hyped they could be a good team if they lost the egos and played like a team..

^^Have to agree always flatter to deceive.

every major competition, we have this you cannot play so and so with him because they don't compliment each other and do the same thing etc.. sometimes I wonder about strategy. I also don't see a huge amount of quality english players coming through.

Messi and Ronaldo can play on the wing but are not wingers for their clubs. They are not centre forwards in the classic sense, but i would certainly cass them as strikers.

Messi plays as a false nine. Rooney plays that role well too (when his first touch is working!). Here's an article from a couple of years back which explains it. The author, Jonathan Wilson, writes great articles on football tactics and amongst the books he's written is one on the history of football tactics - Inverting The Pyramid. Recommended read for anyone with an interest in football. Currently watching El Classico - bit of a dive fest right now.

You have to have a recognised target man or striker in there I'd say. As argued before I don't think Bale is one of the best players in Europe right now and 2 great games against Inter does not a world class player make. Form is temporary, class is permanent and until it's week in week out performance from him (and Rooney) they should not be there. Van Persie should be the spearhead of a front 3 incluing Ronaldo & Messi. Even Samuel Eto could probably be in there. 8 goals in the CL for Inter in 10/11, 37 goals in 53 games inc 15 assists.

Well on the PS3 and N64 the most successful tactics were to use 3 at the back with a defencive mid fielder (usually a player which was a dedicated sweeper as he was less likely to wander off) and then play two wide midfielders near the attacking line and the rest were just forwards. I usually selected the fast guys and spread wide as quick as possible... not like real football at all I know but the system swamps all other tactics because it pushes the other team into defence all the time. But looking at the way barcelona play they wrap up players because they need to watch Messi, I don't think Messi could play in the premier league simply because he would pick up too many injuries. I also thought Ronaldo looked good at Manu because there were some seriously good midfielders around him working a lot harder....

Stephen D (14.8) wrote (see)

Van Persie should be the spearhead of a front 3 incluing Ronaldo & Messi. 

Van Persie plays as a false nine for Arsenal so either Messi or Van Persie would have to move out right into Ronaldo's space. I'd remove Robben and Bale and play Schweinsteiger behind Xavi and Iniesta with Ribery, Messi and Ronaldo as the front three. The trouble with these polls are that they are votes for individual players and not for a system. Van Persie would be good cover for either Messi or Ronaldo. Bale could replace Ribery or Ronaldo.