US Open tennis

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US Open tennis

Just started watching this. Andy Murray broke Djokovic to love in the first set

But why oh why does AM have to have a ball boy bring him a towel to wipe his face after every point? I've just checked - it is 17 deg. C, and breezy, for god's sake. Toweling down after a few seconds?

I'd ban that patheticness, even before the pointless grunting of the laydeez...

Rant over, and back to it!

...and Novak broke straight back

Just toweled down after watching ND serve a double fault :-O

looks like murrays going to have his chance....

Or is he? Two breaks up in second set, he's lost both. This is too painful to watch.

Thank god he got through! Another home "nearly man" would be too much to bear! well done Andy!


Now for Scotland to beat the All Blacks at rugby....  

Steady Ken... 

McWoo McHoo !!

What a man, I never doubted him. Well, I did at 1am when he was about to lose the 4th set in meek fashion, and I headed for bed in the belief he was spent. Should I write him a letter of apology?    

Nice account in The Guardian here. Particularly enjoyed the bit where Murray says he was worried about his life changing after winning a major and Lendl says (paraphrasing): "But you get to play all the best golf courses for free."