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So how's everyone enjoying the world cup then?

vuvezela roughly translated mean fcukin loud horns

I liked Charlie Brooker's Tweet: "There's an Aphex Twin track that sounds exactly like this. But about 85 minutes shorter, because THAT'S AS MUCH AS A HUMAN CAN WITHSTAND"Tell you what, though, it's lovely when it stops.

I thnk it may ruin the football, I can't imagine you can hear much around you or the whistle.

There's a new vuvuzela design on the market. It only produces 125 decibels   ! 

It does spoil it somewhat.. cant they filter the droning cacophony out?

WORLDlongdriveseries wrote (see)

You cannot hear them over me SHOUTING at the tv!

What possibly reason can you have for watching the World Cup? The Elephant Polo World cup isn't until 2012!

Can't say they worry me, I'm loving it all - what a spectacle!

WORLDlongdriveseries wrote (see)

I love it as a spectacle / occassion,  I happen to love the horns as its very African.

The vuvuzela is not African and has nothing to do with their culture whatsoever.They give the impression that they are trying to show the world just how much they are all enjoying themselves, but they are just showing the world that they don't know how to create an atmosphere.Some footballers have said the din confuses them.But FIFA will never have the balls to ban them.I'll be watching England and a very select few matches. I think a lot of people will switch off thanks to this inane din.

TeddyIrons wrote (see)

Some footballers have said the din confuses them.

For some footballers putting their boots on the correct foot confuses them!

WORLDlongdriveseries wrote (see)

The NOISE is AFRICAN  NOISESome footballers get confused by joined up hand writing!k

Bwaaaaa, funny! Thanks for the crap link proving your point.It seems quite clear to me that those who don't give a toss about football, don't mind the din. Probably a bit like a non-golf fan who likes to hear "get in the hole" when Tiger drives one OOB right.

So you don't like the din TeddyIrons? I'm quessing you're an Arsenal fan...

What I don't understand is, if pilots' headphones have these noise-deadening devices which negate the drone of the engines... why can't the TV guys fit their effects mikes with those?

And while they're at it can they negate the drone of Mick McCarthy?

Tim Ellis wrote (see)

So you don't like the din TeddyIrons? I'm quessing you're an Arsenal fan...


I seem to remember these horn things from my earlier days when I used to go to a few raves. I used to think that it added to the atmosphere a bit provided it wasn't too constant. On the other hand it seems that everybody had one of these things at the football and it is very annoying.

Turn the sound down, I find this help a great deal. That's what the button is for init?

Why do people have to moan about everything...

Whatever happened to "live and let live"?

Vincent Pinner (11) wrote (see)

Why do people have to moan about everything... Whatever happened to "live and let live"?

its a forum

It is not as bad as the screeching from women tennis players. Watching the tennis in Paris I even heard an echo when Venus screamed!

Not a fan of football, but have been watching a few mins here and there of the WC, mainly as I am trying to bet on it while in play. Things that strike me are the continual din (those horns?) which dont add atmosphere, just a racket, and that games seem decided as much on mistakes by the defense as skill by the forwards. Also saw a couple of minutes of post game ramble and John Motson's ears don't match.

It's not too bad if I'm just watching the highlights, say for 10 minutes, but does start to grate over a full live match, so I turn off the sound generally. I've got the impression the commentators are now slightly better isolated (phonically) compared to the first day's matches. I can live with it (i.e. sound turned off), but I've heard a few players from different teams say they can't communicate with each other, specially in defence. I'm just waiting to see if a player will get booked for not stopping the action once the ref's whistle has blown, claiming he couldn't hear.

there was a sound engineer on Breakfast this morning saying that the noise it produces is bang in the middle of the audible range and therefore suppressing it would also block out many of the usual sound effects associated with the game: the kick of the ball, the call of the WAG or the blood-curdling wail of a striker being gently brushed by a defender.

I don't watch much soccer but I actually find it considerably less annoying than repetitive rendition of the Great Escape that accompanies every England match - learn another tune for God's sake! Having grown up in Southern Africa (and still spend time there) the constant noise is something that you find in everyday life, not just soccer matches. Africans love to make noise. If it's not vuvuzela then it's singing, drumming or car horns. It's part of the culture so just enjoy it.

MTP Just like my golf balls !

Personally I don't like the Vuvuzela sound track that is accompanying the matches.I have noticed one good thing - the horn is perfectly shaped to shove up the ar$e of the person blowing it.