Warnock sacked?

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Warnock sacked?


Ridiculous decision, one of the best managers in England, if not the whole UK, and out he goes.

seen this on someones facebook earlier i agree fatshaft ridiculous!

Did you know he's commonly known as Colin? It's because his name is an anagram of Colin W*nker. 

Have to agree, Colin is a load mouth moaner who certainly wont be missed by me. 

Can't stand the bloke - he has history with Bristol Rovers fans from when he was the Manager of Notts County. Seems that the players rarely saw him at training, and he had lost the dressing room.

"one of the best managers in England..."  blimey I thought the only person who thought that about Neil Warnock was Neil Warnock. Good for an after game quote but otherwise seriously overrated IMHO.