Wladimir Klitschko

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Wladimir Klitschko
As much as i love David Haye, after he destroys Audley Harrison i dont think he would stand a chance against big wlad if the fight surfaced, the bloke just destroyed samuel peter and controlled the fight behind his powerful jab. any other boxing fans?

used to be!
loved the old days of mcguigan, minter, magri,dave boy green john h stacey etc and then the benn/eubank era

lost interest with all the different belts ie WBO/WBA/WBF/WBC/IBF/IBA

Not forgetting the most recent WTF belt!

gotta unify a division to be the recognised best

i just missed the benn, eubank, collins era

All too confusing now .... can't be bothered with it.

very confusing

hatton in notw this morning doing some coke... fool

Are you surprised about Hatton ? I'm not. He is what he is. A roguh as arseholes Manc from the estate who still hangs out on the estate.IMO Harrison will get his backside smacked by Haye. And as for Haye and Klitsko ? That could be a great fight. Size and power Vs Speed and agility ! I would like to think that Haye could do it BUT Vladimir is the real deal and would probably bully Haye. Saying that Haye is a puncher and a puncher always has a chance.

haye is quick but so it wlad, and wlad is accurate, will hit maybe 4 or 5 single jabs then follow the last with a right cross, they dont expect it. i can only imagine how much a jab hurts off a big bloke like that

Yadda,Yadda, Yadda....Hayes v Klitschco, it will be a great fight, if Haye stays away from the mechanical Wlad he will do well. And remember Haye has serious power as well.Wlad's last outing with Peters, seen Wlad visiting the canvas a few times....Bring back Lennox!!!!!!!

lennox was a beast, who sometimes forgot to keep his hands up.

haye has serious power but klitschko has matured as a fighter over time. i would say if haye landed a bomb he would rock the big fella.

hit and move, hit and move, hit hit hug hug hug

The UFC rocks!

i prefere ufc now days, never used to, but with ufc you get about 5/6 fights on the card, normally 2 or 3 of those involving top guys and its entertaining.

in boxing you watch a shit undercard for hours before the main event which in alot of cases never lives up to the hype

Spartacus (10.1) wrote (see)

The UFC rocks!

Yes, yes and YES!!!!Look into the history of the UFC. Dana White and the Firtita brothers are seriously good businessmen.

they must of made billions from the ufc?

Well deserved though Barry, they battled hard to change the views of the the powers that be to sanction The UFC...I think when they started there was only one place they could fight, sure it was in Canada...Dana is a white version of Don King though......

although maybe not as corrupt/dodgy

wouldnt double cross either of them to be honest!