2004 Open post mortem

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2004 Open post mortem
Tiger: Lurking in there, though still a fair bit off his best. Another top-10 finish but never really looked liked challenging despite being only 2 behind at one point. (He's probably the only current pro who could get a top-10 finish when playing at 80% of their game). Mickelson & Els: Definitely at the top of their game - always looked dangerous, always in the hunt. G. Evans & Levet: Seem to do well at the Open - will hopefully build on their good showings. Monty: Wonder what would've happened a few years back if he'd had this Open's mindset (OK, he's not a mental rock, but miles better than what it was). Todd Hamilton: A dark horse, but when he lost and then regained the lead, he looked tough to beat. Hope he's not in the US Ryder Cup team. Westwood: A great last round, but wonder if he'd score like that if he'd been 1 or 2 off the lead at the start of the day. Rose and myself: Neither of us bogeyed a single hole over the 4 days.

Westwood would have been in the thick of things if his course management on day one had been better. I reckon he left at least 4 shots out there. But I agree, I'm not sure he would have flourished if he'd been contention.I strongly believe that Monty would have won the 2001 Open if (a) he had his head sorted like this time out, and (b) he had his belly putter back then.

For me I think Westwood would have done better had he not been paired with Tiger for the first couple of days. Good to see him in there at the end.Great news for the Ryder cup that he is starting to play well but there still are a few spaces available and I still wonder what the final team will eventually look like.Just what has caused Mickelson improvement from last year?

I was happy with Westwood, I had

micklson has finaly lerned to think before hitting it over previous years he has always just gone for it