and his chances are ?

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and his chances are ?
... I personally don't feel he's got what's needed , but ....


Too fashionable to win... I have the same problem.*cough*Seriously tho? No... not yet. There are a few other people in the line that are wanting to put last year behind them in a big way. Tiger, Els and Mickelson being 3, and The Open will go to someone completely off the radar.

There is more chance of me winning a major than IP.. Ok.. a slight exaggeration - he's more a case of a triumph of dubious style over substance - I heard he turned pro with a 4 HC... now that’s attainable.Lets hope J Rose comes back and enters the fray - theres a kid who WILL win a major ( he bottled it at Augusta)within 5 years as may Casey if he survives the US hecklers.

... now when I suggested that Rose 'bottled it' at Augusta I got a load of flack.You are, however, right.

Although I do agree I think 'bottled' it is a bit harsh. Its easy for us to say that but put yourself in that position. We're bad enough in our monthly medals.Overawed is a better description.

I think Poulter can win a major.Just think of Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton, Paul Lawrie, Steve Jones, Mark Brooks, Rich Beem etc. Journeymen who have won majors. I think Ian Poulter has a bit more about him to be called a journeyman.He has tremendous self belief too!

Didn't most of them back into wins with the likes of Thomas Bjorn screwing up when they had it on a plate and Ernie Els too! What about Paul " I've had no recognition for my win" Lawrie a hacker if ever I've seen one. Jean Van deThingy has become more famous than him.

likes of Thomas Bjorn screwing up when they had it on a plate ...:-) strange really , I mean it's not as if it seems to happen to him , a LOT !!!! :-))hope one of the "new breed" does come good in 2005 but you look and wonder just who ?Donald (to me) appears to have the best "game" and temperament to match but we'll see - 2005 is a new season for all of them and as we all know , one season to another can be a vast difference ! - as Dscaper said "someone completely off the radar" will no doubt suprise us all.

Poulters got a chance but its a slim chance. He's very much an overachiever.

Agree that Ben Curtis got his win after Bjorn screwed up. Don't think you can say the same for Hamilton. Ernie was blasting it about 80 yards past him on nearly avery tee shot but Hamilton kept to a gameplan and deserved his win. And what a wondershot on the last play off hole with his rescue club.Carnastie was a bit of a lottery but I think you're being a bit unfair to call Paul Lawrie a hacker. He played well at Brookline in 1999 too. Personally I love the slow tempo to his swing and hope he comes good again.Mark Brooks pipped Kenny Perry in a play off in a battle of the journeymen and Rich Beem held off Tiger Woods so that was no mean feat. Can't remember who was in contention when Steve Jones won.

i think it depends if his 'Guru' is there with him to keep his mind trained on the task at hand. Or off the task in hand, as thats the way some pro's do it. The 'guru' in question ? Nick Faldo of course.

"That'll do Donkey, that'll do."Best film ever!My bum Paul Lawrie played well at Brookline, his stats might have been good but thats because Monty carried him most of the way. What has he really done since, he fluked the Dunhill Links and thats about it.I too love his tempo.

I'll agree with you Kev that Shrek is a great film! Never tire of seeing it.:-)

When my wife puts on a face mask, she's the spit of Fiona,after the wedding!

just drifting away on a tangent from the original theme here but the talk of Paul Lawrie and his swing got me thinking - I too like his tempo but maybe think that pause at the top does him some harm ? - nothing seems to flow as it should , but ... (and going back slightly to thread theme) ...Vijay Singh - I don't doubt he'll add something else to his list next year and being world #1 will want to keep the momentum going , however , am I on my own in thinking Vijay has one of the most curious swings going ? - seems to be more moving parts than a jet engine yet obviously works for him :-/

Nah, can't see IP bagging a major any time soon. He talks a good game, and doesn't lack confidence, but I don't think he's quite got it.Re:- Steve Jones, my magic anorak tells me that it was Tom Lehman and Davis Love that were in contention when Jones won at Oakland Hills in 1996...I think!

After slagging him off I actually like the way Chippy plays, I try to swing fairly slowly and 'do' a pause at the top, I find it gives me time to get things in the right place and not thrash at the ball. As far as Ian Poulter goes I would love to see him win a major, I think if he was slightly more conservative he would do better, he is a breath of fresh air and seems to have fun on the course, but I doubt he will.VJ's in the zone right now and I reckon he'll grab another few.

Don't see why not for Poulter. He may be an overachiever, but that's better, isn't it, than being an underachiever like Davis Love III. He can dig in; he has determination and ambition and ego, none of them disadvantages. I'd love him to win the Masters one day, then nip into the loo and spraypaint his previously normal hair (as decreed by Hootie Johnson) green, just to see the Hootster's face when the green jacket ceremony was being held.He's not a prime candidate -- the usual suspects are all in pretty good nick: the South Africans, Vijay, Mick, Woods. But so much of it comes down to the circumstances. When you look at it, how close Gary Evans came, as did Van de Velde, result Lawrie; as did Bjorn, result Curtis. But a week could just as easily go his way as anyone else's. I think the PRIME European candidates would come from the ranks of Clarke, Westwood, Bjorn, Jimenez and of course Garcia, but it could just as easily be Brian Davis or Phil Price or one of the young English (including Poulter). And watch out for some of the rising South Africans: Immelman, Oosthuizen, Schwartzl -- all of them are prospects.I'm kind of sweet on Bradley Dredge. Wouldn't that get up American noses!

I expect Ian Poulter to show some class next year - a major? Dunno, but confidence & self belief is a wonderful thing - and stops you dropping like a lead balloon when your nose is in front.

Any news on Clarke and his missus?

Checked his website only a thankyou message for the support he's received.Don't know anything about it,I assume she's ill.

Yeah, thats why he's not played anything for a month or so. Sounds serious, she had "internal bleeding" and was having further tests. She also had cancer a couple of years back, but was in remission.

It was breast cancer, which has a notorious record of return. Hope it's not that. She also had some problems after Connor was born; may be something to do with that, which is also not likely to be fun.Hope all's going well. Tough Christmas for the family.

Puts everything into perspective.