Any old iron(s)?

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Any old iron(s)?

Looking at Westwood's Bag, with him still playing the i10's & believe they were released in 2007, there cannot be many pro's who play with an older set than these surely (well to his standard)? Must get right on Ping's back to a certain degree not playing the latest model.

I'm pretty certain that Robert Rock plays still the 2007 version of the Callaway X Forged irons, The set I've just replaced with some Titleist AP2's.

Nice clubs there 1 over read your post looked like you had a great result. i tried some new club s out for the first time in ages yesterday at american golf in the simulator thing. still find it hard to see £500 differene in irons from mine to new ones, but the fitter wasnt doing much. and the simulator was set to low. dunno why. anyway point was i tried a new hybrid, and wow im missing the easy technology gonner get me some of these babies

Bubba Watson used Ping S59's to win the masters they are 2006 models!

Westwood used Ping Zing 2's for the first 12 years of his professional career. That should tell you all you need to know about iron technology