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I like Vijay. I don't know if it's because he's been knocked down so many times and still managed to pick himself up, or because I respect his fanatical devotion to the game (which I KNOW will haunt him at some point in the future) or the fact that he just keeps on going 'till he gets where he wants to be. He just seems to me to have more "character" than the rest of the clones that play the US tour.

Same here... he works hard and is now reaping the rewards for all those long hours. Yes, he may have the natural talent to do very well, but anyone that wants to get better at anything they do, hard work helps.

Charachter, are you having a laugh. The man is boring, he practises every minute of every day and when he's not practising he's playing in the tournament. The man is just a golf machine.When was the last time you saw him take his visor of to shake someones hand. Oh that really gets me!!He give's nothing back to the fans, he plays his shot and half the time doesn't even the acknowledge the crowd who are paying his wages.

It's called concentration and dedication. Boring? - 9 wins and over

Golfers should be judged on their ability, and how they play the game. "Character", personality, humour, crowd pleasing - look it up in the rules of golf, and the terms laid out for pro tour membership, you'll find there's no mention.It annoys me when people criticise Singh for perceived (lack of) character traits.The man is currently the best golfer on the planet - let's pay respect where it's due.

My 2p.I think the guy is a first class 24K arsehole. I recently read an interview with the journalist who reported what Singh said about Annika at the Colonial. Singh was happy to go on record saying he hoped she missed the cut and had no business being there. In fact he made sure the journo got every word exact. Then when he realised he had dropped a bollock he got his PR people to claim he had been quoted in the wrong context etc. When he next met the journalist in question he verbally abused him. ClassAnother recent quote from Dave Renwick, ex caddie:"I just wasn't happy with the way things are going or the way I was getting treated. I just wasn't getting the respect I deserve. I never got a 'Good morning' from Vijay, or 'good club' after a shot, or 'have a nice night' at the end of the day. It was either nothing or a negative if he did speak to me. Being courteous isn't much to ask. There's only so much of that stuff you can take, no matter how good the money is." Top bloke?

Remember that this is the guy who early in his career signed for the wrong score to make sure he made the cut. Look that up in your rules of golf. Blatant cheating.I'm not a Tiger Woods fan particularly, but I can't wait for him to knock Vijay off his perch.

Rather see Els do it!

I agree with all of the above - there's nothing about Singh's personality that makes me think "great guy", and I don't root for him in tournaments. But a lot of people don't seem to like him being world number one because of this. Which is wrong - he's there on golfing merit. It's unfair to denigrate his achievement for non-golf related reasons, that's all I'm saying.

True enough, very good golfer.

Alan - OK, he's a good golfer.I still can't stand him.