Baddeley Playing Better

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Baddeley Playing Better
Was really impressed with this guy a couple of years back (superb swing) but then he went through a really bad patch and I thought he would just be another young 'also ran' Glad to see that he finished last season off really well and has started his US tour competing and nearly beating the best player in the world (apart from Mr Woods). One to keep yer eye on this year - if he keeps his present form expect a win or two, maybe a major????? As a fellow Aussie - Donk - whatdya reckon?

That was an astounding performance, and a heartbreaker -- he missed tying the second playoff hole by a centimetre.

I was very taken by Baddeley a few years ago in Australia also -- it was, aside from anything else, such a nice-looking game. The swing, yes, but also the certainty he has on the greens.

I thought he made a mistake when he lost full playing rights even for the, thinking he'd be better off in Europe, where he was still exempt, playing regularly as a Tour member. I also got sick of his mouth, announcing to all and sundry how great he was going to be -- especially when he was producing one missed cut after another.

However, he stuck to his plan, obviously put in the work, and has come right. That was very assured play in Hawaii.

Early days, and he'll have a few pratfalls along the way -- as who doesn't -- but it was an exceptional debut as a Tour member.

Adam Scott, who at this stage is a much more finished player, will have to look to his laurels. I guess we'll see him in Australia in the next few weeks. He apparently plans to stay on the European Tour another season, but it won't be long now before he makes the jump across the pond. While they both may be a way from "rivalling" Tiger, they are bound to be rivals to one another, as they always have been. That could be quite divertin'!

Tanks Alan fer asking difficult to forcast so much talent & it do not all start TWWWW
privilaged to hit few on range wid parry & round the od course wid few names eg jones, senior, pampling, senden, podlick, whitlock cain & many other hopefulls just as as good eg "Keg" Keegan top 10 QPGA

I thonk wot many ferget the young guns are after all just ams that got reel good & had the special motivation to pursue it

yu av to believe in yerself & easy to sit & think I wud av sed this or er er that & try it with a mike shoved in yer face & respond with bravado

howevever being out there with the big boys & 'having' to the make cut bit diff as ogle etc found out after not like being on tour with their peers like sat arvo


I'll take Donald, Rose, Casey, McDowell and Dougherty over the young Aussies anyday - Scott flatters to decieve as being the "white Tiger" and Baddeley is far too arrogant for his own good at times. Perhaps he'll mature into a good steady "Allenby-like" player, but a major? I doublt it very much. As for our British bunch, there is a major there in at leastfour out of those five I mentioned!

Sorry Aussies (Don K) but I think we have the talent right to succeed, although it would be terrific for all concerned if all of these young guys could take it to Tiger and upstage him once in a while.

Arrogant odd how many get that tag !

In his case much could be attributed to few camp followers or in media speak 'journo's' & not sure if post meant talent or right ?

Mia not a rabid fan of Baddles nor Alan !

However did he not only go down to Els by a shot a week or so ago & that will not make it over bunch of poms ? praps check bookies offers !!

Er & forgot Woods aint inpregnable as Parry demonstrated & knocked im off in NZ open or did you forget ? as did a couple others !

Historical quote ! before one can wear the Open jacket one 1st has both to learn how & also experience that one 'can' win !!

Notice prefer Allenby to Appleby but former once totally outclassed by a then arrogant latter (to his Hyatt Coolum sponsor another story)until recent years

Once they know can win cream floats etc !!

Oh oh ass up agin Stewie is never arrogant

However Allanby Hyatt Coolum sponsorship I understand included being available for the annual Coolum Classic as its resident !

However he walked away & played Jamaica !

Would Faldo do this ??

Ok Martin yu got Casey (but Dougherty blew it not in hunt with few other EU also rans) to give im a go even played arm tied behind back with Leftie but good ol Appleby,Lonard & all the oldies etc etc gave im a bit of a run too

Ah well !! back on track, first round Chrysler Classic, only one off the lead after an opening 66.

I'll stick my neck out and tip this guy for a biggee this year.

Also the guy has joined MacGregor's tour staff, playing VIP V-foil forged irons.

Look out for a retro fashion statement from this young man - I've seen him wearing a pair of light beige tartan check trousers....... nice?............ nope!

Maybe Grans Xmas Pressie 1994 ?

or Sponsor 'Sallies' downtown preloved ?

Was that just an echo still rattling around or did I really hear Scott not in hunt ????