BBC Does It Again!

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BBC Does It Again!
Final day of the womens open and what does BBC do? It breaks coverage for hour and 20 mins to show other sports!!! What is the point of them showing it? Will miss all the rounds unfolding and just get left with the final couple of holes. Its pathetic and they should take a leaf from Sky's book

Given the number of BBC digital channels that are available now it does seem incredible that they can't find some way to continue the live coverage.I can understand the need to show the Superbikes live as it is a big live event but why oh why do they interupt the live sport to show a prerecorded item such as the wheelchair basketball which could have been shown either before or after the golf. It is just shoddy programming on the part of the BBC.

yes i agree but i tell you the worst coverage is the americans i was watchin sky sports coverage of the buick invitational and its shocking the amount of times the american networks go on breaks.. at one point they went on break came back showed one shot and then went for another break its soo annoying.. i guess bbc just have to show all the sports on grandstand for the people that dont have sky

There will be loads of seriously pissed off bike fans because the BBC didn't return to the Superbike race after it was re-started. Remember the uproar back in May when they showed Tim Henman in the French Open rather than show the early play from the PGA at Wentworth? That's how they'll feel.Damned if they do and damned if they don't really.Like you say Gabriel it's a shame they can't show it on one of their digital channels. Just like Channel 4 do with the cricket when they show horse racing. The cricket appears on FilmFour.

it is very frustrating that they don't use BBC3 or 4 when they dont even start broadcasting until 7 pm.having said that, enjoyed watching the coverage yesterday afternoon, and what a round karen stupples had ! the quality of her golf was amazing - reminded me of the tartan cockney Drummond winning the Volvo, everything went in.

Brilliant moment during the BBC coverage of the superb Women

And what the hell was dear old Ken doing out on the course when he is one of the best commentators around, he should have been commentating from the box rather than being wasted on only one match!