Bring 'em on again

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Bring 'em on again
It will be a hard act to follow but I think the cool, hard, teutonic efficiency of Mr Langer will be exactly right for the next Ryder. It will no doubt be a real toughie back in the States with a lot of patriotic fervour, Langer will have the cool head required. This Ryder Cup performance alone should warrant his consideration.

Langer - I think that's not a bad shout Alan, but would a playing captain be a good idea? Bernhard in current form will probably be in the team by right next time too.

I think Langer still has a very good chance of playing next time - as a pick. Faldo's gagging for the captaincy - doing all the right PR and exposure ('look at me working with the kids to bring 'em on' ) and I think he'll get it. He's still a bit of a misfit as a team player, but he won't get Ireland (2006), Woosie's got Wales(2010) and Monty Scotland (2014).
I'd give Langer the US match in 2008.

Er, I quote

"this may be one cup too far for the German"

Nil pwoints

Your words Bob - like what you predicted

We shouldn't mix player and captain. Different roles. If Langer keeps his game steady - let him play and find another captain. Faldo might be too much of a lone wolf. I want Seve back. Or Sam once more. Or any other great European with social skills....

I think the next captain should be Woosie.

I know its against tradition,but why not let Sam Torrance lead the Europeans in the next Cup.Failing that,Woosie,as this years Vice-Captain should get the "top job".