British open tickets ?

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British open tickets ?
Could anyone tell me if it is possible to still purchase tickets for the final round of the open in advance. The only info on the official website , I can find , says that entry can be gained on the day , but I can imagine this to Involve huge queue's.

Not necessarily, Andrew - there are several entrances with upto six entry booths per entrance. Most people have season tickets and walk straight through. It's not like a football match or Wimbledon - far more civilised. Biggest problem is traffic and parking, though there will be special trains from Edinburgh, no doubt. As I understand it, there was only a benefit in buying tickets in advance to gain a discount back in March/April. Have a great day and tell us how you get on

Thanks for the info Bob Im going to go then , probably nice and early and hope the full signs dont go up before I get in.
Ill let you know how the experience was.