Brookline all over again.....

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Brookline all over again.....
Don't know about anyone else, but I thought that two things ruined the victory yesterday: Firstly the fact that 'Team Europe' stormed the green after McGinley's putt). (Ok, we'd just won, and there wasn't a putt waiting to be played that could still have an impact (Olazabal)). However, there were games behind. I thought it was DISGUSTING that Love III and Fulke had to agree to half because the players/wives/backup crews etc didn't clear the green, and Love III got sick of waiting. Secondly I thought that SKY let themselves down with their coverage. As soon as McGinley's putt dropped, the camera was away from him, and the players, and was focused for 5 minutes on Sam Torrence blubbing away, hugging about 50 different random punters who we'd never seen before. DULL DULL DULL. Seeing Sam Torrence crying is about as emotional as the wind changing - it happens so bloody often. What would have been wrong with showing Mc'Grin'ley's reaction, with his team mates around him, a bit of 'Team USA' recation, then clearing the green before going back to the climax of the other games. I for one wanted to see the Tiger V Jesper match as it was happening. Oh, and interviewing Sam Torrence about half an hour later when he'd thought of something meaningful to say and had finished off the box of Cleanex that I presume he must permanently carry around with him. If there is a similar American reaction to Brookline when they win it next time, I personally don't think we'll have a leg to stand on if we try and complain.


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Yes Alex..."there wasn't a putt waiting to be played that could still have an impact (Olazabal)." your words!!

Therefore what's the problem? Game Over. Once the magic number is reached other games could effectively "walk in" (individual matches do not play to the 18th when victory achieved)

I agree that TV milked the celebrations but the directors are aware that the majority of people watching both on TV and who had paid

Anyone betting on "late" Ryder Cup "singles" or F1 outcomes is running a risk ......