Caption Competition!

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Caption Competition!

Had this picture of Lee Westwood accompany a press release about the China Golf Challenge. I thought it would bring the wittier side out of the GM forummers...

Aw shucks, I knew I should have bought one of them new Scotty Cameron Putters

Phoar, Get a load of that, Damn, thats the last time I eat in the hotel! 

This new whip rule doesn't half scare the gee gees!!

Westwood auditions after original Mr Soft quits Trebor 

I live in a swamp! I put up signs! I'm a terrifying ogre! What do I have to do to get a little privacy?!?!?!

With one final adjustment for a nasty crosswind Westwood lines up and blows a hole in one.

whats the thing on the back of his belt?

Kiss my arse Tiger! I'm the daddy now.

After several bottles of the local brew Darren Clarke struggles to control his new remote control Lee Westwood Robot....

you put your left leg in ....................

World Number 1??  I've got Donald and McIlroy in my pocket!! Look, see!

" Hey Billy, does my bum look big in these?"

Taxi for Westwood!

f'ck me , I actually holed it  ..........

Ah, now that's where poult's left the rampant rabbit last night.

I'm awfully sorry madam. I don't know my own strength!

Nearly holed one..............again!

Do the new rules apply yet regarding wind moving your ball .... I might be able to get this in!!

Nice pose for a nice shot!