Casey Signs For Nike

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Casey Signs For Nike
Think its a good move. Whatabout you guys?

Just hope he doesn't start mouthing off about the yanks again or he will lose this one as well!!

According to some report I read, quoting Casey, this deal was well in hand before the remarks were made, and Titleist cashed in on a done deal (Casey was leaving them) with their malicious press release.I told you before: Titleist, more than any of the manufacturers, plays hardball. They are basically thugs. You toe the Titleist line -- which seems to involve eternal stretching of what the ball in particular can do, preventing at all costs USGA tests or regulations of equipment -- or you are hit where it really hurts. They cancelled magazine advertising in one of the golf rags because an article merely suggested that the tests should be made.It's a ruthless, robber baron way of doing business, and in Bush's America -- some of you will hate this but is it simply chronologically true -- there is virtually no restriction on what business can get away with. They throw a sacrificial lamb like Martha Stewart to the wolves -- she did seem to have breached the law, though it still seems odd a woman worth over a billion bucks could have cared so much about $10,000 -- but Ken Lay and the head boys at Enron will never serve a day for their malfeasance, by which thousands and thousands of people lost their pensions. Over at Dynegy, some poor functionary far down the totem pole got 24 years for doing what he was told, while his bosses will skate. Wally Uhlien at Titleist is typical of the current "thinking" in corporate America: take while the taking is good, with no long term strategy. His only objective is to sell more and more equipment to the poor suckers who think a new club will make them a better golfer, or new balls at extortionate rates will appeal to duffers worldwide. In the short run, it has been true, but the lagging memberships in golf clubs, the static number of rounds played and an increasing sense that they are perhaps being suckered is beginning to penetrate thick golfers' skulls. So Titleist invests in R&D to change a ball that already needs to be controlled and to tweak club manufacture so that a new edition becomes a "must-have" for the keen golfer. And so do the other companies, though less belligerently.Like so much in contemporary golf, it is short-term thinking. Courses are getting destroyed to accommodate the length available from new drivers and balls. But the equipment is getting terribly expensive, and people are beginning to buck. For average golfers, there are three major problems these days, in the US at least: the need for longer courses means they are being built further and further from cities, adding greatly to the length of time it takes to have a day's golf. The courses themselves are so long that they not only take forever to play but are very frustrating to average hackers, who are getting less pleasure from the experience. And the costs are getting out of control.The USGA is of course gutless and toothless; I wish the R&A would take a firm line as it is probably less in the pocket of people like Uhlien. But what may turn some of this around is the increasing anecdotal evidence emerging of comparable golfers playing a round and the guy with the Walmart club and balls doing as well or better than the guy with the ProV1. And I think there will be consumer resentment if the manufacturers continue to resist adding a chip to the ball that means no more lost $100 the dozen, these balls are like precious gems to the average golfer.Casey is hardly hooking up with Morality Central at Nike, but anyone that ditches Titleist is all right by me. And there are increasing rumours that Nike is about to buy the flagging Callaway -- wouldn't it be funny if Mickelson ended up on the same "staff" as Casey and Woods, whose "inferior equipment" he so tactlessly criticised a year or so ago!

I kind of fear for him having to use Nike stuff but that's personal bias stepping in I think ? (Nike = no clue about Golf IMO)He should suit their image though of the streetwise tough kid made good ? - just needs a pair of basketball boots , baseball cap on backwards and get under the sun lamp for 12 hours / day and he'll fully fit the bill !

pity he is an upper class posh lad!!(his own words)

Too right -- he has never struck me as someone from the 'hood.

Nike "bats" have really helped Tiger's Game!

Ian its the Indian not the arrow!

Could have been worse. A lot worse.