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Commentators : Pros V Prats
Ok Guys & Gals, We have threads on Mr. Nice & Nasty of professional golf but what about those who try to 'enrich' our enjoyment while watching it? One of the worst as far as I am concerned is Howard Clark. He frequently gets it wrong - "great shot" just as it goes OOB, etc. and has a presonality to make Steve Davis 'interesting'. Whatcha think???

first thought that springs to mind is Alex Hay when he used to be on the BBC - could never seem to get the words out he wanted to say on account of pissing his pants giggling with excitement for some unknown reason ? - nice bloke though and good commentator (usually !)Peter Alliss = I like him even if many don't - you can see the BBC are attempting to groom others ready to take over one day - be a long day coming before they find anybody suitable !Mark James = as much a w*nker of a commentator as he was an arrogant turd of a player IMO ! - needless to say 'no thanks' as far as I'm concernedthe old geezer they roll out for The Open each year (some South African bloke I think ?) - why ? is all I have to say hereJean Van Der Velde = looks like he may shape up to be quite good if he can keep concentration long enough ?Seve = never sure what the hell he's on about most of the time ? - not so sure he is either !Ken Brown = found his true vocation at last ! - never a great player but seems to come across really well if you shove a mic in his handEwen Murray = quite likeable - often tells it as it isBruce Critchley = same as aboveRobert Lee = better commentator than he was golfer that much is obvious !if there's others I've forgot them or maybe they just haven't made an impression on me ?

I agree you Paul with the Robert Lee thing, I think he and Richard "Boxxy" Boxhall bounce off each other really well.The south african bloke - Jeff Hawkes??

yes , Jeff Hawkes is on SKY isn't he ? - they usually team him up with the guy that looks like Dracula (Dominic somebody ?) for the lesser events nobody can be arsed to watch !the 'old geezer' comes on BBC and they roll him out every year for The Open Championship and although I said I thought he was Sth African I'm now thinking it's Peter Thomson ?? - Aussie player of some repute in the 60's who won The Open 'umpteen times .......... think it's Thomson but can't remember ? , whatever - sounds like paint drying !!!

Another of Sky's diamonds is Tony Johnstone (another South African), looks like he could do with holding a fishing rod and sitting by a pond!

Is the South African Denis Hutchinson? I like him.Over here we get the ET on the Golf Channel with Renton Laidlaw (the BEST) and Warren Humphreys (a perfect accompaniment). They are occasionally supplemented (or replaced) by Julian Tutt, who is competent and even interesting but terminally annoying, Ken Brown, who's good, and the somewhat irritating Ross McFarlane. Denis Hutchinson guests sometimes, especially, but not only, on the South African events.But it's textbook golf broadcasting: informative, interesting, light of touch and with the occasional diversion down a tangent that makes it a very entertaining experience.Alliss appears occasionally on ABC. I like him -- alongside that crew, he is a breath of competence. And I love his commentary on people's trousers and how most players obviously have no idea how to buy a pair that fits properly and is well-cut.When I've heard James he has been good, as has Van de Velde.Thomson I find sardonic to the point of being offensive, but I'd rather have the likes of him than the slavering wimps in the US who are always afraid to say anything remotely critical (except Johnnie Miller, who can be brutally candid -- and the PGA Tour players hate him for it). Renton Laidlaw has the knack of never slavering but pointing out weaknesses or errors of judgment, strategy or stroke without being the least bit nasty.Jack Newton pops up in some Australian broadcasts we get. He's pretty good as I recall -- I missed them all this year.Feherty does on-course for CBS. He's good in small doses. Always trying to be a smart-aleck, but he is good enough to pull it off without making me want to hit him -- just.

I fully agree about Julian Tutt being annoying , particularly I should imagine to the players during interviews immediately after they ve finished a round ( especially if it was a disappointing one)!. I dont think he understands the game as well as most of the other commentators judging by some of his comments but perhaps he will get better.

Numero Uno...PETER ALLIS - ClassOther notable one's - Sam Torrance, Ken Brown, and of course Seve...when you can understand him. Most of what Seve says is spot on.The Aussie bloke for the Open is Wayne Grady...also speaks some sense.Agree about Howard Clarke...usually gets it wrong.

Peter Oosterhuis is good on his occasional appearances.

Peter Alliss is still the best.Actually can't think of any I dislike this side of the Atlantic. I even like listening to Mark James and Wayne Grady! Richard Boxall used to get on my nerves but I've warmed to him now. Read somewhere that the BBC were grooming Sam Torrance to replace Alliss. Actually think it was Alex Hay who said it.Not really keen on any of the American commentators. Prefer it when the guys from Sky cover the US events.

I agree Don, Peter Alliss is class, but doesn't he talk crap a lot of the time - which makes it entertaining. I think it will be a sad day when he retires. A bit like when Murray Walker retired from Formula 1, or Dan Maskell and Tennis. Seem to be the voices of their sport.Its just not the same post Murray. (Yes I know F1 is dull, and a German in a fast red car wins EVERYTHING, before everyone starts saying, F1 is shit)

Aliss is ok but he can get a bit fuddy duddy. Especialy when some 'wag' shouts "its in the hole" None of the above mentioned commentators will ever beat Brian johnstone for being the absolute epitomy of any sprts one voice, as the late great Brian Johnstone. With his miss-pronunciations and his commentaries on what cakes he had been sent, by little old ladies from cricklewood. when the teams had gone off because of rain or something. Were ledgendary. Of course there is the best of all time was "And we have a change at the far end now the batsman is Holding the bowler's Willy"! I dont think Holding and Willy ever lived it down either.

F1 is shit!:-)

Alex Hay is the man on a mission to get us all to call the grip the 'handle' although he is one of my favourites. I like all the Sky commentators and Alliss, he helped get me hooked when I were a lad with his Pro-Celeb golf on TV during the winter. I like the Irish ex-pro that commentates on the US golf can't think of his name.

That will be David Feherty then. I like him too. I also like Peter Kostis and Gary McCord. All other commentators stateside I find extremely dull. I especially dislike Jim Nance with a vengance!Like almost all our commentators this side of the pond. Not sure about Jean Van De Velde. Perhaps he'll grow on me.

Don't see how Peter Allis can recover from the Masters last year when he said "it's not all over yet" AFTER Phil Michelson had slammed in the winning putt.I like Sam Torrance and appreciate the Beeb trying new stuff like Ken Brown or Wayne Grady demonstrating tough shots the pors will face.

I think Jean Van Der Velde comes out with some good stuff, but got a bit tedious in Open coz all he spoke about was his countryman Thomas Levet, suppose that's why BBC hired him.Feherty is quality...I've said on another thread that he would be my Ryder Cup Capt.

Peter Alliss is great.I like Ken Brown, Sam Torrance and even Mark James. I also, like Richard Boxall, Ewan Murray and most of the Sky team.I'm not so keen on Robert Lee though - he seems a bit vague on how good he actually was.Alex Hay I don't really like.I would like more of Faldo and Feherty.

The coverage by the whole of the BBC for the World Matchplay at Wentworth last year was outstanding.Seve was fantastic with his shot analysis.Seve was commentating on Padraig Harrington "he's got an 8 iron...I don't think he's got enough club to carry el bunker" - what does Harrington do? - knocks it straight in the trap.Then he described exactly how Westwood should play a low punch shot because of contours of the green...Westwood did exactly as Seve described and knocked it stiff.This was live TV...full marks Seve!!

Alliss for me too - F1 was only vaguely interesting when Murray Walker was there to listen to - now it aint even vaguely interesting "Shumaaker has taken the leadzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . ."

Can't abide by Ewen Murray's commenary. I think he is a smarmy lamenting scot, who always sounds like he's 'sort of' reading from a script trying to finish every sentence off with a crescendo.. just listen to him when 'signing off' before an ad break - & you'll get what I mean.In fact, that has got to be the worst thing about watching the US golf on a Thursday night - turning on the TV & hearing messers Murray & Critchley have been brought in to do the commentating on the 'biggies'. Come on Sky, save yourselves the money & spend our subscriptions on something more worthwile & leave these two crap has-beens at home & let us listen to the knowledgeable messers Oosterhuis & Kostis and the entertaining messers McCord & Feherty.I remember Tony Jacklin doing a stint of comentary on the BBC about 20 years ago & he was superb. His face mustn't have fit at the beeb obviously.

here, here, Matt

Alliss is the one I could listen to all day.Matt you memory maybe slipping about Jacklin he got taken off I believe because he was nearly making everybody cry as every shot made was "he's got a really difficult shot here you players at home just cannot appreciate how difficult this shot is".The banter between Boxie, Beddow and Lee makes it enjoyable to listen to.Alex Hay and Alliss together have a similar rapport who can forget Hay's "Human herbacious border" when commentating on the crowds at Augusta lining one of the hillsides.

Boxie is a bit of a class act - irrespective of the glof. The banter he gets is worth tuning in for on it's own. Put him & Feherty together at Augusta and see who gets chucked out first?

Wayne Grady & Ken Brown are excellent, and I'm also an Alliss fan.Torrance is OK, but has a tendency to over-use the word "magnificent" - watch out for that next time.Murray & Critchley are also good, I enjoy their commentary. I also enjoy Harmon's analysis, although I know he's not everyone's cup of Cape Malay.Van de Velde - that's a sympathy vote, he's not quite up to the job.But Denis Hutchinson is the guvnor, in my book. It's a shame he's not covering The Open with the BBC team any more.

Funny how this over using words starts to get to you - in the end its all you hear - off topic David Beckham's "y'know" 's - Does my head in - he "y'know" says "y'know" it "y'know" every "y'know" other "y'know" word.

Bit like Montgomerie's umm umm umm then

Faldo is excellent, gives a good insight into the way the pro's think. Boxall - can't stand him! Last time I heard him the camara's panned to the on course food wagon, and he spent 3 mins talking about it. Last bit he said was, "what I like about it is they keep putting out fresh food" And he constantly refers to "when I was a player".Like Grady and Brown. Though I think it's time auld 3 putt gracefully retired.

Oh, I meant to add - I wasn't a big fan of Tony Jacklin, I seem to recall that his delivery was a bit flat / soporophic.

Dunno if any of you heard any of Faldo's commentary on the Nissan Open? I've got great respect for Nick but he was a bit, well, supercillious to say the least.The only shot he didn't have any "I would have done it this way", or "I could have done it better" comment was Darren Clarke's almost hole in one shot.The rest (or it seemed to me) went like:-(Donald's approach to a pin tucked in the left portion of thr green - he hits the middle)"He just needed to draw that a little more. Maybe a tad further back in his stance say."(Wood's approach pitches 15 feet past the pin and spins back 20 feet in front of the pin)"Ah, the professional's unforced error - too much spin!"(Wood's par putt slips by the 18th and his 5 foot return lips out making him take a double)"I could see that that was going to happen, in fact I would have bet on it. He looks ok but you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears."----All of the comments were correct and no one can doubt his eye for swing traits and course management, etc., it's just that it sounded a tad "sour grapesy" to me.Still like him though and would have him like a shot as a Ryder Cup Captain.

I heard Faldo at The Nissan Chris and I though he was excellent!

A bit picky though.

One fault with Faldo. He is genuinely funnier than some might think, but he's not as funny as he thinks he is. If you see what I mean!

I think I knew what you meant ?

I know what you mean Alan.I thank you from the heart of my bottom!I cringed when he said that.